‘Little People, Big World’ Critics Bash Audrey Roloff For Baby Ember’s Outfit

Audrey Roloff is still adjusting to her new role as a first-time mommy, but internet trolls are already giving her a tough time. The Little People, Big World star isn’t new to harsh comments on social media. Back when she was nine months pregnant with baby Ember, some people weren’t pleased with her bare baby bump selfies. Then when she finally gave birth, LPBW fans complained about the lack of baby pics. This time around, critics are mommy-shaming her about a particular outfit choice for baby Ember.

Audrey recently posted an adorable photo of her 5-week-old daughter when critics jumped on it and bashed the baby’s outfit, Us Weekly reported. In the picture, the newborn is wearing a onesie from Audrey’s “Always More” clothing line paired with brown tights and an oversized headscarf. Unfortunately, some people had a lot to say about the baby’s look.

“Omg..she is so cute. Not crazy though..how her mother dresses her. What happened to cute little dresses..not ugly colored leggings. Lol,” wrote one person.

“Don’t like the outfit, makes her look like a little old lady sorry,” wrote another. Other bashers also followed.

“She’s cute. But not a fan of the outfit. Creepy brown tights.Why not a colorful beautiful dress! The onesie needs help!”

Meanwhile, several others criticized different aspects of Ember’s garb. Some expressed their concern about how the baby may be feeling cold in the fall weather and needs heavier and thicker clothing. Others, however, are mommy-shaming Audrey Roloff for her excitement to play dress-up with her baby girl.

“Love the Roloff family…but please, is Audrey trying to turn her baby into a mini model already?!” a Little People, Big World fan from Australia commented.

One can only imagine how hurtful it is for a new mother to deal with people bashing her baby. Thankfully, there are plenty of fans who defended the 26-year-old LPBW star and left encouraging messages.

“Some people find something wrong with everything!! Your precious baby looks adorable,” one fan wrote. “Please don’t let the negative comments bring you down.”

Although Audrey has not responded to any of the hateful comments, her latest Instagram post seems to be directed to her critics. She shared a beautiful family photo of herself, Jeremy, and baby Ember. In the caption, she wrote that she’s focusing on love and reflected on how blessed she is.

“So much LOVE!!! God blessed me beyond measure with these two.”

Audrey also seems to be unaffected by the mommy-shamers, as she promised to post more baby Ember pictures in the coming days.

Little People, Big World fans! Do you think people are being too harsh on Audrey Roloff, or do you agree with any of their comments? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Audrey Mirabella Roloff/Instagram]