Jesus Campos, Stephen Schuck Ban Money On ‘Ellen’: Shutterfly Gives $25K To Las Vegas Shooting Victims [Video]

Jesus Campos has finally given an interview to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, after authorities reiterated that Jesus was not missing as some had claimed. Campos appeared on Ellen’s talk show – as seen in the below video – with Mandalay Bay engineer Stephen Schuck. Jesus and Stephen spoke about what happened the night they encountered mass shooter Stephen Paddock.

Campos told Ellen that he was called to check on a door that had been left open for a certain period of time. Jesus went from the 31st to the 32nd floor via the stairwell, but the 32nd floor’s door was blocked. It was an unusual thing for the door to be locked, Jesus told Ellen in a shaky voice. There were brackets on the door, which was out of the ordinary. Campos contacted engineering, and that’s when Stephen was called. Throughout speaking with Ellen, Schuck rubbed Jesus’ back during certain times, as if to steady Campos’ nerves and offer support.

Jesus told Ellen that he heard rapid fire from Paddock and took cover, but felt a burning sensation and realized he had gotten shot in the leg. Paddock had shot through the door at Campos. Schuck used a service elevator to get to the top floors of the hotel, but didn’t know the sounds he heard were gunshots. Jesus yelled at Stephen to take cover, because Schuck thought the sounds were those made by a jackhammer. Like Stephen, Campos initially thought the sounds he heard were from a drill, not a gun. Schuck said he knew that there were no engineering projects that should have been taking place that late at night.

Campos saved Stephen’s life as well as the life of a woman who had come out of her room, the duo related to Ellen. Jesus told the woman to go back in her room to get away from the gunfire. Instead of going to the hospital right away, Jesus stayed to help. Campos thanked all the first responders, the FBI and everyone who assisted that night, “even in the darkest hour.” Stephen thanked Jesus for saving his life. Both refused money from Ellen. Ellen told her audience that both Campos and Schuck had made it clear that although Ellen’s show wanted to give them money, they both refused.

Instead, Ellen noted that Stephen would get tickets for his favorite team, the Colts. Ellen told Jesus he would get season tickets for the Raiders. Shutterfly gave $25,000 to victims of shooting to a GoFundMe campaign.

Jesus told Ellen that the sound of a door closing behind him was what likely alerted Paddock to the presence of Campos on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Campos’ interview on Ellen’s show is scheduled to air Wednesday. As reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Campos wanted to clear radio traffic and not tie up the airways, even though he had been shot. Stephen told Ellen he felt pressure from bullets passing behind his head. Jesus is “doing better each day,” and DeGeneres sympathized with Campos wanting to give one interview to Ellen and leave the shooting in the past.

[Featured Image by International Union, Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA)]