Granddaughter Of ‘Wonder Woman’ Creator Offers Praise To Director Patty Jenkins

With the success of Wonder Woman continuing for the DC Extended Universe and Warner Bros., there are plenty of fans interested in the creator of the character and what he would have thought of the newest version of the superhero. However, both the original artist, Harry G. Peter, and creator, Professor William Moulton Marston, passed away decades before the latest Wonder Woman came to the big screen. While Marston and Peter may no longer be around to appreciate the work of director Patty Jenkins, Christie Marston, the creator’s granddaughter, is around to share with the world how she feels.

In fact, as Movie Pilot reported, Christie Marston said that she thinks that her grandfather would have loved the new live-action movie version of Wonder Woman. While Marston is unhappy with the biopic about her grandparents which recently released in theaters, she had nothing but praise for Patty Jenkins and her movie. She shared that she feels like Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is riding on the coattails of the wildly successful Wonder Woman, even as it doesn’t truthfully talk about the lives of her family members.

While Christie Marston may not appreciate the biopic, when it comes to Patty Jenkins’ work, she said that “The Wonder Woman movie is the best thing that has happened to Wonder Woman since Lynda Carter” first brought her to life in the 1970s. Marston said that she feels like Jenkins not only seems to understand who Wonder Woman is, but her directing abilities were simply astounding as well. In fact, she said that with this new movie, “Wonder Woman has ethics again.”


Although Christie Marston might have been praising Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins, she also had nothing but good things to say about the women who have brought the character to life in the past. She praised not only Lynda Carter’s previous work as Wonder Woman, but also the voice actresses who have given her life in the animated works. Marston said that all of these women have shared the same sense of attitude and ethical responsibility as the character.


Wonder Woman might be a fictional character, but for Christie Marston she is as real as she could possibly be, especially since this superhero is one who helped immortalize her grandfather and even represents her grandmother. As Marston explained things, “Wonder Woman is part of my family, and I will always love her and rally for her to be out there as she was intended.”

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]