Larry King’s Friends Want Him To Leave 7th Wife Shawn King, Claim He Is Miserable

Larry King’s family is said to be encouraging him to end his seventh marriage to Shawn King (nee Southwick), 58. Larry King, 83, is said to have been miserable for 10 years, and now that he is fighting lung cancer, he is reevaluating his life and his current marriage. Sources are saying that both Larry King and Shawn have spoken to divorce lawyers, and they wouldn’t be surprised if the two split soon.

Sources close to Larry King say that the broadcaster is trying to decide if it’s better to be alone than be married and unhappy. Reportedly, there have been affairs and the alleged mistreatment of Larry King at the hands of his wife. Supposedly, divorce has been the topic of discussion several times over the years, and the Kings have come close to ending their marriage before.

The source claims the “lovey-dovey” act in public is all for show and this is the closest the couple has been to splitting up. The source says that Larry is happiest when Shawn is away.

“Shawn went away to Utah two days after Larry had surgery [for lung cancer in July this year]. While she was away, Larry was happier than he’s been in years, and his family was really hopeful that he’d really do it [end their marriage] this time.”


Sources close to Larry King say that there have been several events that have caused King to perhaps “pull the plug” on the marriage to Shawn. First, Larry King’s younger brother, Marty Ziegler, passed away. Add to that the fact that the children Larry and Shawn King share, Chance, 18, and Cannon, 17, are now independent, and Larry King can’t find a reason to stay married to Shawn. They think that Larry King is at a crossroads.

“Larry is at a crossroads. He’s getting older and thinking, ‘Why do I have to put up with this? He’s been miserable for a decade.”


Some of the misery that Larry King is said to feel is due to the rumors swirling around the fact that wife Shawn has had affairs during their marriage. Sources close to Larry King said he was distraught when Shawn King’s affair with a man named Richard Greene went public.

“It’s true, and Larry is completely embarrassed and anguished by all of this. He doesn’t know what to do.”

Soon after the story broke, friends say Larry King and Shawn have reunited. The two allegedly filed for divorce once before back in 2010 (they both filed a petition to stop the proceedings three months later). Around the same time as the divorce filing, Shawn was hospitalized after being found unconscious in the King home as the result of a possible suicide attempt with pain medication.


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Friends say that over the years, Larry King has swung back and forth with the idea of filing divorce papers to move on from his wife Shawn King. Friends that have spoken to PageSix based on the promise of anonymity have said that Shawn King still has “powerful influence” over Larry King” which is why he keeps changing his mind.

But friends say that it is hard to see their friend Larry King so unhappy for so long.

“He’s clearly being manipulated and yet somehow paralyzed by indecision and fear. It’s very difficult to watch.”

Rumors about the marriage of Larry and Shawn King have been making the rounds for years but have intensified since Larry King retired from CNN.

Do you think the marriage of Larry King and his wife Shawn is coming to an end?

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