‘Little People, Big World’: Jeremy Roloff Gives Updates On What One-Month-Old Ember Jean Has Been Up To

Jeremy Roloff cannot believe that baby Ember Jean is already one month old. To commemorate the milestone, Jeremy shared a photo and a few updates on what Ember has been doing the past month.

The photo Jeremy posted was taken by his wife, Audrey. It shows Ember lying down on a white blanket surrounded by the numbers one to twelve, which indicate the months of the year. The adorable Ember is facing the number one, which has a flower veil on top of it signifying that Ember Jean just turned a month old.

Jeremy said that Ember Jean’s first month “has been full of learning and reacting” for both baby and parents. Jeremy said that he and Audrey have been staying up “all night long” thanks to Ember Jean who has them on their toes. Jeremy also said that they are starting to understand the meaning behind Ember Jean’s cries, which he affectionately describes as “singing.”

Aside from getting the attention of Jeremy and Audrey through her singing, Ember Jean has also been enjoying her tummy time. The newest and youngest star of Little People, Big World is also starting to smile, according to Jeremy.

Jeremy and Audrey have also been taking Ember out for walks. As a matter of fact, the young family has been visiting Roloff Farms as often as they could. They were at the farm to celebrate Matt’s 56th birthday last October 7. Jeremy also helps out at Roloff Farms, so bringing Audrey and Ember along is possibly the only way he can still get to spend some time with his family.

The walks and visits to the farm are good indications that Audrey is in the pink of health or is at least getting better. Audrey struggled with mastitis after the birth of Ember. Mastitis, which is quite common among mothers who breastfeed, is a medical condition in which the breast of the mother swells due to bacterial infection, anemia, irregular feeding, or when the baby isn’t sucking properly.

Fans of Little People, Big World were worried that Audrey wasn’t in good condition as she posted few photos on her social media accounts since Ember was born and after she announced that she was sick. Fortunately, Jeremy, Audrey, and other members of the Roloff clan have been sharing photos lately, which show that Audrey is likely feeling great.

Aside from looking healthy, Audrey seems to have already lost her baby weight as one follower pointed out on another photo Jeremy posted. The photo is of Audrey with Ember as the couple shows her around the farm. Jeremy joked that Ember wasn’t interested as she had her face buried on Audrey’s chest and was almost fully covered save for her legs and feet.

Some followers pointed out that Ember seemed uncomfortable to which Jeremy replied, “babies love it.” Other fans joined in telling the commenter that she’s “too critical” and that the “baby is fine.”

Another fan gave a piece of advice to Jeremy and Audrey that they shouldn’t “rush it” as babies “grow up fast enough as it is.” She also said that Ember “will run around that farm soon enough.”

“Ahh yes,” Jeremy said. “Very true.”

[Featured Image by Jeremy Roloff/Facebook]