‘The Real Reason’ Kailyn Lowry Is Keeping Her Son Away From Ex, Chris Lopez

Rumors have swirled ever since the birth of Lux, Kailyn Lowry’s youngest son, as to why she’s not allowing her ex and the father of the baby to be near him. In some interviews Kail gives, the pair seem to be okay with one another, but other reports say that he’s being a deadbeat dad and isn’t showing up when he’s supposed to. Kail’s cryptic tweets surrounding the situation hasn’t done anything to stop the rumors either.

According to the reality TV website, The Ashley, there are a couple of reasons why Chris isn’t necessarily allowed to see baby Lux.

The website reached out to Kailyn Lowry, who confirmed that she isn’t allowing Chris to see their son at the moment, but she didn’t elaborate as to why.

“I don’t want to keep Lux from Chris. That’s not the goal. The goal is to take some time right now to figure out what works for us. I’ve obviously been trhough this before and I do want Lux to eventually have a relationship with his dad. Right now the circumstances aren’t right for that, though.”

According to the website, there are two reasons.

Firstly, Chris has already filed for custody of Lux, but he hasn’t signed the papers confirming he is the father of the child. According to a source, Chris refused to sign the papers at the hospital and is still not doing so.

Another source told The Ashley that Chris has a violent streak and has been violent with Kail while she was holding Lux. According to a source who works on Teen Mom 2, Chris has also broken into the house to see Lux and has also done permanent damage to Kail’s garage door by punching a hole in it.


The source close to the MTV production crew says that Kail is keeping everything under wraps because Chris has not consented to be on the show. Therefore, she is keen to keep the drama off-screen.

Kail has also stated that she isn’t looking to keep Lux from Chris forever, but that the “circumstances” aren’t right at the moment.

The Ashley’s source also says that until Chris acknowledges he is Lux’s father, he has no rights.

Chris has also supposedly been very upset that Lux’s surname is not Lopez like his, but instead is Lowry like Kail.

The mom-of-three is also currently working on her book, He Said, She Said, which will deal with the dissolution of her marriage to ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. The pair have confirmed they are embarking on a book tour as a pair to promote their new venture.

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