Endangered Species Condoms: 50,000 To Be Given Away In US

With a planned handout of 50,000 condoms featuring endangered species information, you might find yourself thinking about wildlife the next time you get frisky.

An environmental group will be giving away the free condoms throughout the United States over the holiday season. The goal is to promote awareness of how wildlife can be affected by the human growth population, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

The Center for Biological Diversity, based in Tuscon, Arizona, started the population awareness campaign in 2009. Since its inception the group has distributed approximately 450,000 of the endangered species condoms across the nation.

Sporting pictures of threatened species such as panthers and polar bears, the condom wrappers include cheeky messages like “wrap with care… save the polar bear” and “cover your tweedle… save the burying beetle.”

Jerry Karnas, population campaign director for the Center, explains the campaign’s purpose:

“There are more than 3 billion people on the planet under the age of 25. The choices this generation makes will determine whether our planet and its wildlife and natural resource base are burdened with 8 billion or 15 billion people. Our Endangered Species Condoms are a great way to get a conversation started about how the growing human population is affecting the wild world around us, especially animals already teetering on the edge of extinction.”

An article in Technorati writes that the non-profit organization plans to focus distribution of the current batch of condoms to specific outlets. Making the list at this time are colleges and nightclubs as well as reproductive health and activist groups.

Do you think the endangered species condoms given away will help raise awareness for threatened wildlife?