Rose McGowan Implies Lisa Bloom Offered Her Millions In Hush Money In The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Rose McGowan claims that she stood to collect $6 million if she kept quiet about Harvey Weinstein’s extra-curricular activities shortly before the scandal broke. Attorney Lisa Bloom has denied the allegations about what might amount to a bribe, if true.

On October 5, a bombshell scoop in the New York Times, subsequently enlarged upon by The New Yorker magazine, detailed a 30-year pattern of alleged sexual harassment or worse by the powerful movie mogul. Since the scandal broke and dominated the headlines, more victims of harassment or alleged sexual assault have come forward. The Oscar-winning Weinstein has since been fired by The Weinstein Company, the firm he co-founded; resigned from the company’s board of directors; and was expelled by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. There are also reports of police investigations underway.

Rose McGowan has been vocal on social media condemning Weinstein and other Hollywood movers and shakers whom she considers apologists for his alleged misconduct with aspiring starlets, staffers, and other women in his orbit, or pretending not to know what was going on. According to the Times, McGowan was also subject to Weinstein’s alleged inappropriate behavior and entered into a $100,000 settlement to resolve the matter in 1997.

Feminist lawyer and TV commentator Lisa Bloom, the daughter of high-profile civil rights attorney Gloria Allred and a self-described women’s rights advocate, was a member of Team Weinstein until she quit on October 7, likely due to an outcry on social media about hypocrisy.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Rose McGowan deemed Lisa Bloom a “snake” who sold out other women, and went on to describe allegedly being offered big bucks to remain silent on the eve of the Times report.

“You know what is truth, Lisa? I feel like people should know that you’ve been calling my literary agent and saying there’d be money for me if I got on the ‘Harvey’s Changed’ bandwagon? You told her that I should care about HIS reputation. How HE has a family now and HE has changed. Well, guess what? I’ve always had a family and that didn’t stop him from assaulting me…The night before the NEW YORK TIMES exposé came out, I was being pushed hard to settle. I was offered one million dollars. No way. I then drove it to 6 million. I was warring with thoughts about being able to take care of my aunt, Mom and family vs my integrity. But no. I could not. I walked away from a potential six million dollars. I will not be purchased. I will not be sold. Never again.”


McGowan also asserted that back in the day as a young actress, she was pressured to accept the $100,000 offer by her own allegedly compromised lawyer to settle the original matter, and that she suffered “night terrors” as a result of the alleged Weinstein sexual assault. A criminal defense attorney present during the meeting discouraged her from reporting the alleged attack to the police because she wouldn’t win since she had appeared in a movie sex scene, McGowan claimed. The Charmed star added that she never signed a nondisclosure agreement, so she was and is free to talk about what happened.

Lisa Bloom subsequently issued a statement denying the allegations set forth in the Facebook essay, BuzzFeed reported.

“I never called Rose McGowan’s literary agent. I don’t even know who her agent is. I never threatened Rose McGowan, nor offered her money, nor reached out to her. This is completely false. I have withdrawn from my representation of Harvey Weinstein and apologized for being involved in this. I am sorry for the pain Rose McGowan is in. But this is completely false.”

Rose McGowan, 44, told The Guardian that she was blacklisted in Hollywood after revealing that she was raped at age 23 in a hotel room during the Sundance Film Festival. The actress will soon publish a memoir about the encounter.

“They threatened [me] with being blacklisted. I was blacklisted after I was raped, because I got raped, because I said something … but only like internally, you know.”

In the clip below, FNC’s Tucker Carlson discusses Lisa Bloom’s role with Harvey Weinstein (“she took the side of the predator over the prey”) as well as the potential coverup of the Weinstein scandal by NBC News.

Although Rose McGowan is perhaps best known for her role as Paige Matthews on Charmed, aired by The WB television network and subsequently in syndication, you may recall her from the Robert Rodriguez-Quentin Tarantino collaboration Planet Terror (2007). In that film, she portrayed a zombie fighter with a modified M4 Carbine plus a M203 grenade launcher attached to her leg.

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