‘CSI’ Creator Anthony Zuiker Divorced From Wife

It’s official: CSI creator Anthony Zuiker is now divorced from his wife of 13 years. Now that the ink is drying on the official paperwork, the pair can now fight over Zuiker’s fortune.

Not surprisingly, the creator of one of the most popular crime shows in history has made quite a bit of money during his time on the program. According to Opposing Views, Zuiker’s creation has generated a whopping $6 billion over the years. His ex-wife Jennifer now wants a piece of the pie.

Unfortunately for Anthony, he didn’t sign a pre-nup before tying the proverbial knot. This makes the struggle over the CSI creator’s fortune a bit more problematic. Sources indicate that Jennifer may walk away with a sizable chunk of her ex-husband’s earnings.

TMZ reports that Anthony put the divorce from his wife on the fast track in order to tie the knot with his new squeeze. The celebrity gossip site claims Zuiker is prepared to walk down the isle with a school teacher he’s been dating for over a year.

Given the troubles he’d had with his previous marriage, chances are the CSI creator won’t skip the pre-nup the second time around.

When he isn’t fighting with his ex-wife over a substantial amount of cash, Zuiker still finds time to put together series for the small screen. According to Deadline, the CSI mastermind is currently working with NBC on an Alice in Wonderland sequel. He also has a drama called Taboo coming together over at ABC.

Zuiker is also responsible for crafting the online drama Cybergeddon, which debuted back in September on Yahoo. The show has done well enough that Anthony is currently considering piecing together a sequel.

As for the CSI creator and his personal life, here’s hoping the recent divorce allows him to move forward in a positive direction.