Poll: Most Americans Think Donald Trump Has Country Moving In Wrong Direction

A new national poll finds most Americans think Donald Trump has the country moving in the wrong direction just nine months into his administration.

CNN finds 53 percent of the country now has a less than glowing assessment of how things are going under Trump, down seven points from when the poll was last taken just two months ago.

Pollsters also found Trump’s overall approval rating remains at just 37 percent, with well over half of all the 1,010 respondents polled, or 57 percent, disapproving of his job performance in the Oval Office.

Trump’s faltering numbers come at a critical time for his administration, which is currently pushing for congressional action on taxes and health care.

In the CNN poll, researchers found just 38 percent of respondents now have faith Trump’s policies “will bring about positive change and move the country in the right direction,” as opposed to 57 percent who think otherwise.

Pollsters also found Trump’s approval rating on his handling of the flood of recent hurricanes has fallen by 20 points since last month’s high approval of 64 percent. Most of the dip can be attributed to criticisms leveled against the administration for its handling of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Weeks after the hurricane first hit, more than 80 percent of residents still remain without power and chaos continues to reign across the country.

The poll also weighed Americans views on gun laws in the wake of the recent Las Vegas shooting that killed 58 people attending a country music concert.

Overall, 52 percent of respondents now favor stricter gun laws, almost equaling the 55 percent that felt the same last year following the mass shooting in Florida at the Pulse nightclub.

Not helping Trump’s situation, Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt also bounty recently took out a full-page newspaper ad offering a $10 million for dirt leading to Trump’s impeachment.

Donald Trump approval on handling of hurricanes has slipped. [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

CNBC reported that the 74-year-old longtime publisher placed the ad heralding his offer in the Washington Post.

The Trump administration is now under investigation for possibly working with the Russian government during his 2016 campaign and the president has faced widespread criticism for his reaction to a recent white supremacist demonstration in Virginia where an anti-protester was killed.

Flynt stressed that his offer is genuine and he is hopeful someone will step forward with the kind of information he is looking for before long.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]