Shot Las Vegas Security Guard Jesus Campos Not Missing Or Under Arrest But New Jesus Quintero SSN Buzz Emerges

Jesus Campos was the wounded Mandalay Bay security guard who has been hailed as a hero during the Stephen Paddock mass shooting, but he has also been the subject of plenty of conspiracy theories as of late. Jesus recently was pegged as missing, with theories running wild on social media that have called him everything from the second shooter in the tragedy to a person who was warned to shut up and not talk to the press.

According to Snopes, Campos is not missing, nor was Jesus an accomplice in the mass shooting committed by the 64-year-old Paddock. Jesus was shot in the leg during the melee, with authorities changing their timeline from the original theorized timeline of when Campos may have been wounded by Paddock. As such, internet sleuths went wild with conspiracy theories about Jesus’ true role in the incident that left 59 people dead, including Paddock. According to, Campos is a hero who took a bullet but was still able to warn others and assist authorities in clearing other people off the hotel floor that night, even though he was hurt.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has confirmed that Campos was not a shooter in the tragedy, but buzz about Campos keeps emerging, especially in light of tweets like the one below from Ann Coulter, which questioned Jesus’ whereabouts after allegedly missing five interviews.


The 24-year-old Campos missed his scheduled Fox News interview with Sean Hannity because Campos visited a walk-in medical clinic that evening, according to Snopes. But the theories regarding Jesus continue, such as when investigative journalist Laura Loomer claimed to uncover “intel” that revealed Jesus Campos shares a social security number with Jesus A. Quintero, as seen in the below tweet.


Laura went on to ask if Jesus was an illegal alien and tagged MGM Resorts directly, asking if they knew anything about Campos’ immigration status. With publications as high profile as the Los Angeles Times reporting that Jesus was missing, the “truthers” pouring over photos and videos of the shooting are whipping up theories online about what they think happened that night.

However, Snopes notes that Campos may have chosen to withdraw from the public eye, something many people involved in tragedies tend to do. The publication also reports that Jesus has security guards protecting him. Meanwhile, the internet theories continue to surround Jesus, who has been described by David Hickey, the international president of the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America, as a “humble” man who wanted to release his story to the public and get on with his life.


[Featured Image by International Union, Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA)]