Mike Colter Discusses Exciting Team-Up With Iron Fist In Season 2 Of ‘Luke Cage’

After an image from the set of Luke Cage showed that Mike Colter and Finn Jones would be back together again following their time on The Denfenders, there has been a lot of talk of Marvel and Netflix setting the stage for a Heroes for Hire series featuring Luke Cage and the Iron Fist. Although there have been plenty of negative reviews in terms of Jones’ portrayal of Danny Rand/Iron Fist, after the character met Colter’s Luke Cage and the two interacted, things did seem to turn around. Now, with the two coming together again in Luke Cage Season 2, it looks like there may be some excitement over the possibilities.

According to Screen Rant, in a new interview while discussing the release of Girls Trip on home video, Mike Colter discussed the upcoming second season of Luke Cage and the excitement of getting to team up with Finn Jones again following their meeting in The Defenders. While the manner in which these two come together again is being kept under wraps for now, even Colter is excited to see the results of these two working as a team once more.

In the interview, Mike Colter shared that there have been a lot of people who have expressed interest in seeing more of the Heroes for Hire. The actor said that after audiences saw him and Finn Jones working together in The Defenders, there was a lot of curiosity because of how well these two interacted with each other. He said that this is something viewers really want to see more of, and with the second season of Luke Cage, that will happen.


Mike Colter said that bringing in the Iron Fist will actually help to bring fresh blood to the series, and his hope is that it will help to bring a new flavor to the show that fans will respond well to. The actor did confirm that the two would be “teamed up for a bit,” and this is a chance to give audiences what it is that they want to see.


While Mike Colter said that in the past audiences have wanted to see more of Luke Cage with Jessica Jones and what happens with them, now that they have seen his character interact with Danny Rand, they want more of that dynamic as well. In fact, Colter said that this time around, he feels like they are going out on a limb in order to bring in Iron Fist so that it will give viewers what seems like a taste of Heroes for Hire and see what happens.

Overall, the hope that Mike Colter has for the second season of Luke Cage is that viewers really respond well to the addition of the Iron Fist and their unique relationship. At the same time, it also sounds like the goal is to figure out if there is a real interest in seeing Heroes for Hire come to the screen in their own adventure.

[Featured Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]