‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Star Linsey Godfrey Reveals Her Abuse Story

Linsey Godfrey of The Bold and the Beautiful is speaking out and sharing her abuse story. Soap Opera Digest shared what she had to say about something that happened to her in her past. She is sharing this hoping to help others out.

Godfrey actually went to her Instagram to share all of the details. Her caption simply said “#metoo.” This is a movement that is going on all over social networks where women share if they were abused. Some are sharing their story and others are simply sharing that it happened to them as well.

She revealed that because of what has been going on in the news about Harvey Weinstein, she decided that it was time for her to speak out as well. She admits that she ended up at her doctor’s office having a full-blown anxiety attack after hearing all of this news and about the people who “turned a blind eye” to it.

Linsey Godfrey revealed that the man she called “dad,” who happened to be her stepfather sexually molested her from the age of seven up to 14. She said it started small with him groping her through her clothing, but went further after that and as she got older. Linsey revealed that he would put his tongue in her mouth when saying goodnight to her and even rub her vagina through her clothing.

She tells a story of one night getting out of the shower and being in a towel. She went to her mom’s bed to wait on her to talk to her and he started to rub her feet and then moved up to stick his fingers inside of her. Linsey did tell her mom about it right away. A few months later, she went out with her sister and a boy and had a bit too much to drink. She revealed that the boy got on top of her, and wouldn’t listen when she asked him to stop. She eventually pushed him off of her and got him to take her home.

Linsey Godfrey is asking that nobody is silent like she was and that everyone speaks out about what has happened to them in the past. She was silent for a really long time, but she isn’t going to be anymore.


Are you shocked to hear Linsey Godfrey coming forward with her story? Do you think that all of these women coming forward is going to help them heal? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez /Getty Images]