Javi Marroquin Forbids Kailyn Lowry’s Idea To Move To Another State With His Son Lincoln

Javi Marroquin is a very involved father to Lincoln, his son with Kailyn Lowry. He has even worked out a balance with his military career so that he can be with his son. His reaction to the idea of Kailyn moving to another state with their son was no shock to fans who have grown to respect him for his parenting skills.

Javi Marroquin spoke with Radar Online and shared his thoughts on the possibility of Kailyn relocating, as she has mentioned doing once Teen Mom 2 ends. Javi is absolutely against the idea of his son leaving Delaware. He said that he always tells his ex-wife she can leave the state if she wants to, but she will not take his son. Javi plans to fight her if she tries to leave, but Kailyn has other concerns beyond just him. After all, there are two more baby daddies involved who are likely to share similar feelings as Javi.

Javi is still in the Air Force. He has it worked out that he is stationed in Delaware and able to be an active father to Lincoln. His current contract ends in a year. Javi shared that he would love to re-enlist for four more years, but he has to weigh all the options. First, he has to apply to remain in Delaware. If that is not approved, it would mean the Air Force could move him anywhere they see fit. Javi would have to rethink re-enlisting if that were to happen. He wants to be a dad to his son and may have to find a job in the private sector if he is unable to maintain his assignment in Delaware.

Kailyn graduated college this year and is now looking for a career of her own. A few months ago, she filmed a pilot for a sitcom with a friend. The show is about working mothers but has a twist to it. She is hoping to get it on TV, which would mean pitching it to the networks. Another career move she is making is starting a podcast called Coffee and Convos with Chrisley Knows Best star Lindsie Chrisley.


There are big changes coming for the exes as they both pursue their careers and balance parenting responsibilities. Do you think Kailyn will try to leave Delaware with Lincoln and her other children once Teen Mom 2 ends? Do you think Javi Marroquin will be the baby daddy who stops his ex from leaving the state with his son? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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