‘Counting On’ Stars Joy-Anna Duggar And Austin Forsyth Broke Strict Duggar Family Courting Rules

After more than four months of waiting, Counting On fans finally got to see the wedding of Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth. The most recent episode was a two-hour special featuring an intimate look at the couple’s big day, and fans immediately noticed that the newlyweds did not follow the strict Duggar rules or traditions.

In addition to pre-engagement hand holding and hugs, the 19-year-old bride and 23-year-old groom decided against the tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding, opting instead for a first look a few hours before the ceremony.

In one of the sweetest moments of the special, Forsyth stood at the altar while his bride walked up behind him in her modest, long-sleeve wedding gown and asked him if he was going to turn around and take a look.

Forsyth questioned if he could, before turning to see Duggar walking down the aisle towards him. The groom then flashed a huge smile, while the couple joined hands and exchanged “I love yous.”

OK! Magazine reports that the couple then walked onto the candlelit stage where Forsyth gave his bride a shadow box filled with the flowers he had given her during their courtship, along with a love letter.

“My dearest love,” wrote Forsyth. “The very thought of getting to be your husband is very humbling and a great honor. You’re truly a gift from our heavenly father.”

As Pop Culture pointed out, this was the first time Counting On fans got to see more than Instagram pictures of the Duggar-Forsyth wedding day. Of course, the young couple was filled with nerves and decided a good way to calm down was to check in with each other before it was time to exchange vows in front of their family and friends.

One of the things not mentioned in the special is the fact that the wedding date was moved up from October to May, and many people think it is because Duggar was pregnant and a shotgun wedding was needed.

Suspicions grew when just a few weeks later the couple announced that they were pregnant, and Duggar’s baby bump appeared to be the result of conception before marriage. In her most recent post, approximately 18 weeks after the wedding, Duggar appeared to be about 24-26 weeks along, according to a doctor that spoke to Radar Online.

The couple has admitted to breaking some Duggar rules while they were dating, but if it turns out they got pregnant before getting married, it will result in yet another Duggar scandal, but this time it would be a result of a member of the family not practicing what they preach.

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