‘Celebrity Big Brother US’ Spoilers: Will Kaitlyn Bristowe Or Spencer Pratt Join Cast? Everything Known So Far

Celebrity Big Brother US (CBBUS) spoilers reveal a few juicy tidbits about the CBS reality TV series. Long-time fans and celebrities have expressed interest in the show. The first installment of CBBUS is shaping up to be action-packed and full of a variety of movie and television stars. Read below for everything known about the upcoming season so far.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, CBS has not announced the premiere date, yet. However, the network suggested the premiere would be in early January and would end around the first of March. That implied the season would last about 60 days, a full month shorter than the summer edition.

Julie Chen stated that even though Celebrity Big Brother US is going to be shorter, it won’t lack in the drama department. Since it is a shorter season, everything will be fast forwarded and condensed. Big Brother EP, Allison Grodner said that the house would get a huge makeover. She explained that CBBUS would call for significant changes to the outside and the rooms. She pointed out that the weather will be much different in the winter than the summer, so the house design will reflect that. The last time the Big Brother studio got an overhaul was in Season 16.

“Picture everything about Big Brother, but nonstop action because it’s going to be on a fast-forward button.”


Chen agreed to take a pay cut to make Celebrity Big Brother US happen. Julie said that her husband told her to make the series happen, she would need to take a massive cut to her average pay. The Chenbot didn’t even have to think about it, so she immediately agreed to the terms.

There has been a variety of stars to contact CBS about joining the cast. Matt Iseman (American Ninja Warrior host) inquired about being on Celebrity Big Brother. The spoilers state that Kaitlyn Bristowe and MTV’s Spencer Pratt have reached out to find out how to put their names in the hat to appear as well.


Iseman, who won Celebrity Apprentice, joked that he might be too emotional to do well in CBBUS. He teased that he probably would go home faster than Cameron Heard (BB19), but it would be fun to try it.

“I am way too emotional. I think it’s easy for me to focus on long-term strategy sitting at home but in the house, I’d probably get myself evicted the first week. Hell, my stay would likely be shorter than [Season 19’s] Cameron [Heard.]”

Bobby Moynihan (Me, Myself & I, SNL alum) would love to join Celebrity Big Brother US cast. However, he wondered how he would deal with the constant cameras. Grodner revealed that Bobby was “high on their list” of possible houseguests.

Spencer Pratt said that he and his friend Perez Hilton have been waiting for the US to have a Celebrity Big Brother edition. Pratt went on to say that to go in the house and win; you have to have some kind of game plan. He believes he could win the season — Spencer has played Big Brother twice in the U.K., so he would bring experience to the table, which could be a valuable asset.

“[It’s] the Willy Wonka golden ticket of reality TV. Who doesn’t want to be filmed 24/7 for CBS? That’s like dying and going to heaven.”


Lance Bass revealed that the U.K. version had asked him to compete every year, but he has always declined. However, with Celebrity Big Brother US, he may decide to join the show. Lance hopes to see NeNe Leakes, Scott Disick, O.J. Simpson, Billy Bush, Caitlyn Jenner, and Paul Abrahamian join the cast.

“It’s about time! They ask me to do the British one every single year, but there’s no game to it. Depending on the cast I might be tempted to go in the house because I really think I have a strategy to win the game.”

It looks like CBS is starting to put together the cast for CBBUS. It will be interesting to see who will join the series. Chen revealed that they would announce the cast in December.

Celebrity Big Brother US will premiere in January of 2018.

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