New Blackberry Smartphone Photos Leaked

New photos of some of the upcoming Blackberry smartphones have been leaked just one month before the phones are set to debut.

The devices, the BB10 series, are pictured with and without keyboards. The pictures show the first leaked photo of RIM’s BB10 phone from the N-series.

The Examiner notes that the touch screen BB10 phone already leaked to the public with photos and video. The release date of the phones is not until January 30.

The phones are intended to be a restart for the Blackberry series after their interest with consumers has waned in favor of Android and Apple.

New features on the L-series Blackberry smartphone are, according to the leaked photos, the removable back cover, NFC antenna, micro-SIM, and MicroSD card slots as well as a removable 1,800mAh battery. Also included with the new device are USB and micro-HDMI ports, giving it the ability to hook up to more devices than other smartphones on the market.

Engadget’s Zachary Lutz writes of the new phone:

“With such a clean design, we can only hope that RIM can keep the carrier’s requests for customization at bay –some of ’em straight up don’t have a knack for aesthetics.”

While these photos appear to show the completed phone, it should be noted that nothing is final for the new Blackberry series’ design until they are unveiled on January 30. Therefore, while there are leaked pictures of the new Blackberry smartphones, the design could be tweaked before they hit the shelves at the end of next month.