Google Will ‘Double Down’ On Business Services In 2013, Directly Compete With Microsoft

Google is planning to rapidly expand its online business services in 2013, and, according to Amit Singh, Google’s VP of Enterprise, the company will fully embrace the consumerization of enterprise systems in 2013.

Speaking to AllThingsD, Amit says the company is excited about its 2013 prospects thanks to the early success of Google Drive and the continued success of Google Apps.

In his discussion, Singh says his company believes it can jump right in and compete with Microsoft on an enterprise services and tools level. Singh also claims that Google’s cloud applications will scale better and offer stronger security than its competitors.

Singh tells AllThingsD:

“It’s time to really embrace [the enterprise]. We’re doubling down on the Enterprise. It’s an increasingly important part of Google, and a place where we plan to invest and to support our customers.”

The VP of Enterprise says the company’s QuickOffice software will soon match Microsoft Office capabilities:

“Our goal is to get to the 90 percent of users who don’t need to have the most advanced features of Office. We know the gaps between our features and theirs. We’re improving them week by week. We’re going to get to the 90 percent.”

To beat out Microsoft at its own game, Google plans to create an ecosystem that is far more developer and ecosystem friendly, both issues that Microsoft has struggled with over the last decade.

Google is the platform that customers find relevant at the moment, and that relevancy could ultimately lure Microsoft Office and other enterprise customers away from Microsoft and towards Google-based products.