‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Hiding Dark Secrets, New Villain Rises In Port Charles?

General Hospital spoilers hint the writers may have flipped the script on shady Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) with this sketchy fiance murder plot. Could it be that naughty Nelle will soon be exposed as the next big villain on the ABC soap? Fans have noted that there’s no “big bad” on GH right now. Ava Jerome (Maura West) was burned to a crisp and is haunted by the death of Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig), so she’s not scheming anymore. Plus, she’s romancing a priest, so Ava is trying to be a good girl.

Nutty Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) was once a threat, but she’s gone soft too and is focused on her fashion magazine. Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) was rumored to be a bad guy, but since he rolled into Port Charles, he has turned out to be a stand-up husband and great dad. So where are the villains? General Hospital historically always has at least one crazed villain running amok.

Nelle came to town under false pretenses

Let’s face it; we don’t really know much about Nelle. GH history shows us she came to town under a fake name to find out more about who got her kidney. From the start, Nelle has been toying with Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy); reeling them in with her victim act. It’s true that Nelle got a raw deal when her dad sold her kidney, but that doesn’t excuse her behavior.

Nelle has a tragic backstory

Every good soap villain needs a gripping raison d’être; the motivation to do what they do and Nelle sure has one. She was left with a no-good dad while Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) got a caring mom and went on to immense wealth and success. Jax bought Nelle’s kidney and left her with lingering pain and a lifetime of poor health, while everyone else got the happy ending they wanted.

Nelle has a history of evil

General Hospital spoilers from Soaps She Knows promise that Carly gets more startling info about Nelle and her dead fiance. Zack’s death remains shady, and Nelle was busted lying about that and her engagement ring, and there’s no telling what else happened that led to the poor guy’s death. Nelle was in line to inherit a bundle when he died, but his family ruined that for her. Is she innocent or guilty?

Nelle is Valentin’s kindred spirit

Valentin grew up fearing toxic Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) and knows bad when he sees it. Valentin confronted Nelle, told her he could “spot an opportunist” and said she’s good at “being all things to all people.” Valentin said he sees she “turns into something else” when she needs to because he’s expert in threat analysis. Rather than backing down, Nelle stood toe to toe with him. It was impressive and scary.

Nelle is a slick liar

Michael is buying Nelle’s act hook, line, and sinker. Even after catching her in one lie after another, he lets her talk him down, usually with clever tricks like tantrums, fake outrage, and tears. Her latest stunt got Michael to call off Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) from the investigation right when the ex-cop was about to dig up some devastating dirt. But clever Curtis might keep digging.

Nelle is a mystery

When Nelle first came to Port Charles, she was introduced as a poor girl who was an aspiring teacher plagued by poor health. It turns out now that she had a con artist father, a dead fiance, a $50,000 ring hidden in her apartment, and a far deeper history than anyone suspected. There’s really no telling who she is or what her true agenda is on General Hospital.

Nelle doesn’t scare easily

Despite Valentin’s two-time threats of bodily harm, Nelle isn’t scared of him. She survived being a Cassadine nanny and even scored a job as Nina’s right-hand woman. After Valentin’s most recent threat, she was clever enough to snap a pic of him kissing Cassandra Pierce (Jessica Tuck) to use as future ammunition. You can see that Nelle is thinking three steps ahead while playing innocent.


Nelle’s an opportunist

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central predict there’s more to come from this Nelle story. She’s opportunistic, just like Valentin said, grabbing a job as Carly’s assistant, just like with her dead fiancé’s family. Her gig as a Cassadine nanny led to leveraging a cushy job at Crimson. Now she’s got the city’s most eligible bachelor eating out of her hand with no signs of slowing.

Nelle may be targeting Michael

Other GH spoilers promise Michael remains suspicious, and in fact, he could be in danger if the worst claims about Nelle are true. He already bought her an apartment, and his parents aren’t happy about that. If Michael starts talking about engagement rings or changing his will, let’s hope some parental red flags start waving. It remains to be seen if Nelle is falling for Michael or scheming to harm him.

Clever editing or foreshadowing?

We’ve seen disturbing General Hospital scenes that hint Nelle might be Port Charles’ next villain. Remember what happened right after we found out that her fiance died? Nelle loomed over Michael as he slept with a creepy look on her face. And on Monday, October 16, when she lurked in the doorway at Crimson listening to Michael call off the investigation, the look on her face radiated pure evil.

Is Nelle the villain the ABC soap needs and will this all blow up in November sweeps? Michael might be her soulmate, or he could face an untimely death. Is Nelle a victim of circumstance or a calculating vixen? Time will tell! Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

[Featured Image by Valerie Durant/ABC]