Taylor Swift Sparks More Pregnancy Speculation With New Photos

Taylor Swift is sparking even more pregnancy speculation after new photos of the star making a rare appearance surfaced on social media, just days after a video showing Taylor visiting a fan in London sent fans of the singer into meltdown mode speculating that she may have had a “baby bump.”

Now, new photos of the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer have fans once again speculating on whether or not she could be pregnant.

New snaps of the star filming a music video and meeting a fan while in the U.K. have her followers once again chattering about a possible pregnancy, though Taylor’s mainly stayed quiet and under the radar amid the latest barrage of rumors.

Sparking further pregnancy speculation, a snap of the “Style” singer posing with two fans had a number of social media users asking if she was pregnant after the two girls could be seen interlocking their hands over Taylor’s stomach.

After Taylor fan @foreverwithtay tweeted the sweet photo on October 15, one fan replied, “Why are your hands on her stomach??? Is she pregnant or what?”

The Swiftie who posted the photo then downplayed rumors Taylor could be pregnant with her first child by hitting back, “Guys that’s so unnecessary – we’re literally just cuddling her. Please stop spreading rumours like that.”


But despite the denial, the pregnancy rumors once again ramped up after Swift was spotted filming a new music video in London.

Photos of the pop superstar filming in the British capital were posted on social media by fans and showed Swift covering herself with an oversized Letterman jacket, once again sparking speculation that she may be pregnant and attempting to cover a possible baby bump from awaiting paparazzi.

Fans have been speculating ever since, including Twitter user @TaylorSwiftMore who recently posted an in-depth analysis of the singer’s recent return to the spotlight amid the baby rumors.

Taylor Swift Sparks More Pregnancy Speculation With New Photos
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They explained that if Taylor really does have a baby on the way, she probably decided to release her upcoming album, titled Reputation, before finding out the news and may be showing earlier because of her tall, thin frame.

Though Taylor – who’s been dating British boyfriend Joe Alwyn for a year – hasn’t commented, the pregnancy rumors first began swirling after Swift met with a fan in London earlier this month and appeared to be showing off a bump in a video posted to social media.

As reported by Breathe Heavy, the possible “bump” and the fact that the star has been laying pretty low, despite only recently releasing the first single from her upcoming new album, sparked a whole lot of pregnancy chatter across the web.


But despite all the talk from fans, of course, there’s no proof that Swift is actually pregnant and expecting her first child.

As a number of fans have pointed out, the initial video that sparked all the recent speculation could just be the star’s baggy sweater giving the illusion of a bump, while her decision to cover up with an oversized jacket on the set of her music video in London was more than likely just an attempt to keep warm.

What do you think of all the baby and pregnancy rumors swirling around Taylor Swift right now?

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