Why Jinger Duggar’s Instagram Post About An Empty Movie Theater Is Being Criticized

Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, were surprised to find that they had an entire theater to themselves during a recent afternoon outing. Jinger decided that a photo of their date destination was Instagram-worthy, but some of her followers were turned off by the caption she chose for the snapshot.

On Monday, Jinger Duggar took to Instagram to share a photo of Jeremy Vuolo standing in a theater full of empty seats. In the image, the Texas pastor—who is dressed casually in a T-shirt and sweatpants—is looking around the deserted cinema like he’s completely shocked by the absence of an audience.

“Apparently the theater is not ‘the place to be’ on a Monday afternoon…good thing we got here early????,” Jinger captioned the image.

A handful of the Duggar daughter’s Instagram followers responded to her observation by pointing out that, unlike Jinger and Jeremy, most people have to work on Mondays. Jeremy is a pastor and Jinger doesn’t have a job, other than appearing on her family’s TLC series, so they probably have most Monday afternoons free to do as they please.

“Ummm perhaps 95% of people are working???” read one response to Jinger’s caption.

“Most people have jobs not tv shows that make them money,” another commenter wrote.


Not all of Jinger Duggar’s followers responded to her post by mocking her for being ignorant of most Americans’ work schedules. A few fans defended her by suggesting that her comment was meant to be a joke, and others expressed surprise that she and Jeremy Vuolo were possibly watching a “sinful” movie.

“I’m surprised a Duggar is going to a movie theatre!” one commenter remarked.

“I read that the duggars weren’t allowed to watch tv. Glad u see u being your person and loving your life they way u want,” another wrote.


It’s true that the Duggars have talked about how they avoid most mainstream movies and TV series due to content that they find morally objectionable, but some of Jinger’s followers pointed out that the conservative Christian family has said that they watch certain religious films. A few of the Duggars even made cameos in Courageous, a 2011 Christian movie.

Jinger Duggar didn’t respond to her Instagram followers who asked her what movie she and Jeremy went to go see on Monday afternoon, but it’s unlikely that the Counting On stars checked out IT, Blade Runner 2049, or Happy Death Day. A member of the Free Jinger web forum noted that A Question of Faith is currently playing at the Cinemark theater in the couple’s hometown of Laredo, so this is probably what they watched.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, A Question of Faith is about a group of Christian strangers whose lives coincidentally intersect when they “fall from grace” and are tested by tragedy. So far, neither Jinger Duggar nor Jeremy Vuolo has shared their thoughts on the movie.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Facebook]