NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch Says She Is Getting Death Threats From Gun Control Advocates

Prominent National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch disclosed yesterday on Twitter that she and her family are being forced to move to a new home because of repeated death threats from what she describes as gun control advocates. Loesch revealed this situation in conjunction with the trending #MeToo hashtag which provided a platform for women to share their experiences in being subject to sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The NRA is the nation’s most prominent gun rights organization. A former radio talk show from St. Louis, Loesch is an anchor for Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network in the Dallas area and makes regular appearances on CNN, Fox News, and the broadcast networks as a political pundit, particularly, but not exclusively, addressing Second Amendment issues.

The NRA comes under scrutiny and condemnation from gun control advocates particularly after the tragic occurrences of horrific mass shootings in America because it allegedly stands in the way of reasonable gun laws. In the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre on October 1, the organization announced that so-called bump stock devices should be regulated, however.

In an initial tweet yesterday, Dana Loesch explained that she was spending the weekend getting ready to move to another residence because of violent threats that she was receiving. In a series of follow-up tweets, according to Loesch, a man somehow managed to find her private cell number and threatened to shoot her in her yard. Another man posted photos of her home online and threatened to rape her “to death.” Local law enforcement and private security were apparently brought into the picture after her kids were potentially endangered. In addition to cops, the FBI is also investigating. Loesch also implied that she can’t go into detail about all the threats.


Dana Loesch also claimed that other female Second Amendment supporters are often sexually threatened and insisted that conservative or non-progressive women receive social media abuse by some of the same people, including feminists, who are now highly critical of disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Several prominent liberals and gun control champions such as Chelsea Clinton and Alyssa Milano have backed up Dana Loesch, however, after her Twitter revelations, by decrying the threats against the NRA spokeswoman.


In an interview on Fox News, Dana Loesch told Martha MacCallum that some on the liberal end of the ideological spectrum allegedly tolerate sexism against politically conservative women as a way to silence them. The mother of two and concealed carry holder added that the threats in no way will discourage her from continuing to speak out in favor of gun rights.

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