Why Is Kate Middleton’s Name Different Throughout Great Britain? Yet, Why Do Most Call Her By Her Maiden Name?

She was given the name Catherine Elizabeth Middleton when she was born on January 9, 1982. Yet, whether you call her Catherine or Kate, Prince William’s wife is most commonly Googled using her nickname Kate Middleton, but she is actually the Duchess of Cambridge. Yet, not everyone in the United Kingdom calls her a Cambridge. Why is Kate Middleton’s name different throughout Great Britain? Maybe because Prince William’s name is different?

When Kate is in Scotland, such as spending the holiday at Balmoral, the locals know her as the Countess of Strathearn. This is what they call the wife of the Earl of Strathearn, who naturally is Prince William.

Yet in Northern Ireland, Kate is known as Lady Carrickfergus, wife of Baron Carrickfergus. How does Prince William keep track of all of these titles?

According to OK, this means “Kate’s actual name is Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn and Lady Carrickfergus.”

Yet, although “Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge” is all that is really necessary to address Duchess Catherine. Had Kate and William not be given the name of Cambridges, Kate would have been called “Princess William of Wales.”

Speaking of “princess,” on Prince George’s birth certificate, Prince William filled in all of the details. Under Kate’s occupation, he put in “princess.” For most, this makes perfect sense, as commoner Kate Middleton married a prince, and doesn’t it mean that just like in fairy tales, she becomes a princess?

Yet, savvy royal watchers know that only those who are born royal, like Princess Beatrice or Princess Eugenie, can be called “princess.” Surely, Prince William knows this?

Does Kate have a real last name? There is “speculation” that if she was referred to with a normal last name, it would be “Mountbatten-Windsor,” such as Mrs. Kate Mountbatten-Windsor.

Where did this come from? Fans of The Crown learned that Mountbatten is Prince Philip’s surname, while Windsor is Queen Elizabeth’s.

As for proper names, why is she named “Kate Middleton” when she has been called the Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge since her wedding to Prince William in 2011? Google may have the answer.

According to Vanity Fair, “A Google search for ‘Kate Middleton’ garners more than 27 million results; “Duchess of Cambridge” generates about 9 million. “Duchess Kate” and “Princess Kate,” less popular alternates, result in 1.2 million and 550,000 hits, respectively.”

Americans in particular will call her “Kate Middleton,” while the British will call her the “Duchess of Cambridge.” Most of all, Duchess Catherine may be most commonly called “Kate Middleton” because for the public, this is the name that she had when the public met her.

What do you think of all of Kate Middleton’s names? What name do you use for Duchess Catherine? Please share your opinions below.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Brady/WPA Pool/Getty Images]