Burglars Steal Minister’s Gun On Christmas Eve

Ross Township, PA — Two burglars were apparently doing some of their own form of last-minute shopping when they broke into a minister’s home — while he was out presiding over Christmas Eve services at his church — and stole a gun and other possessions.

To make matters worse, one of the suspects is a member of the pastor’s own family.

Pastor Michael Guthrie believes his niece and her boyfriend — who are still at large — perpetrated the break-in while he was leading a three-hour service at Cornerstone Church in Pittsburgh. The burglars apparently entered the house through the basement and took a gun and a laptop and other items that belonged to the pastor’s late son.

Pastor Guthrie provided background information to CBS 2 KDKA in Pittsburgh about the missing pistol:

“A .9mm Smith and Wesson model 59 that we used to target shoot with. So our concern is about that gun that they have, so they’re armed and dangerous.”

When the pastor, accompanied by a police officer, went to the boyfriend’s home, his niece and the boyfriend bailed out of the garage door, apparently carrying bags of stuff they had stolen.

Pastor Guthrie has a message for his niece: “It’s your Uncle Mike. I love you. Don’t run. Stop so we can help you.”

KDKA reports that Guthrie suspected the couple because of their alleged substance abuse issues.

Watch a report on the Christmas Eve burglary at Pastor Michael Guthrie’s home: