Reza Farahan Says Shervin Roohparvar Unsuccessfully Tried To Sleep With Golnesa 'GG' Gharachedaghi's Sister

Karen de Wilde

Throughout the many seasons of Shahs of Sunset, Reza Farahan has shown that he's not afraid to put his co-stars on blast. It was no different on Sunday night, when Reza, during his appearance on Andy Cohen's talk show Watch What Happens Live after the Season 6 finale episode aired, focused his attention on Shervin Roohparvar. Reza proclaimed Shervin to be "the biggest con artist" on the show and "the fakest human being." Even more shocking, Reza claimed that Shervin tried to have sex with Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi's sister.

During the show, Andy asked Reza and his co-star Mike Shouhed if they initially believed Shervin's claim that he never cheated on girlfriend Annalise Carbone. Mike immediately started laughing hysterically. When Andy asked Mike why he was laughing, Reza chimed in that Shervin tried to have sex with GG's sister, Leila. Reza implied that Shervin's sexual attempt on Leila occurred during his relationship with Annalise.

"Because Shervin was trying to bone Leila Gharache, aka GG's sister, he was trying but he couldn't get it up because when some people do certain things, their penis doesn't perform the way it's supposed to."
"Shervin is the biggest con artist on Shahs of Sunset. He is literally the fakest human being. My mom goes, 'Can you please be more like Shervin?'...Shervin's a con artist."

Earlier this season, Leila got into a heated argument with GG during the group's Thanksgiving dinner at Shervin's house. Leila felt as if GG insulted her during a car ride with her young son.

"They've always had this rivalry. And you know I've seen it go and when it's good, it's great, it's awesome and when they're not, it's exactly the opposite. Golnesa's very passionate, it's one way or the other."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Annalise has responded to criticism over her relationship with Shervin. In response to one viewer who questioned Annalise why she was with Shervin when he has admitted to cheating on her, she told the viewer to keep watching the show.

Perhaps it was Annalise Carbone who wouldn't commit to Shervin Roohparvar? A preview for the Shahs of Sunset season 6 reunion show, which filmed a few weeks ago, shows Shervin pulling out a tablet so that Annalise can talk about their relationship herself. When Andy asks Annalise if she wants to be monogamous, Annalise sighs. Shervin is then shown shrugging his shoulders in defeat. It remains to be seen whether on the reunion show, which begins airing next Sunday, viewers will also see Reza Farahan make his shocking claim about Shervin and Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi's sister and what GG will have to say about that.

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