Las Vegas Shooting Victim Tina Frost Wakes Up From Coma After Being Shot In The Head

Las Vegas shooting victim Tina Frost, who was in a coma after she was shot in the head, has woken up.

The 27-year-old San Diego resident was with her boyfriend at the Harvest country music festival when gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire from the 32nd-floor of a hotel. Frost was struck in her right eye socket, destroying the brain matter behind it. The bullet shattered the bones in Tina Frost’s forehead as well the frontal lobes of her brain.

Dr. Keith Blum had removed Frost’s right eye and bones from her forehead so that her brain could have room to swell without further damage. The neurosurgeon, who also extracted bullet fragments lodged in Tina’s brain, told the Frost family that the 27-year-old would be recovering for at least a year.

The certified public accountant with Ernst & Young had been in a medically induced coma for two weeks and on a ventilator because she was unable to breathe by herself.

However, CBS News is reporting that Tina made an unbelievable recovery by coming out of her coma on Friday. Since then, the former soccer player from Arundel High School Maryland has astonished everyone by coming off her ventilator, tapping her feet to music, and taking her first steps.


Her mother Mary Watson Moreland, writing on her daughter’s GoFund Me page, lauded Tina as a dogged fighter, revealing that she was now able to sit up in bed and breathe without a ventilator for six hours. Mary speaking to CNN said her daughter would forever have pieces of the bullet embedded in her brain. However, Mary added that the family was overjoyed that Tina’s vitals were stable and that she could hear them speak.

“We are so proud of our Tina, and everyone is amazed at every single movement she makes. She sometimes taps to music and also took her first steps today with the assistance of the nurses…she’s obviously anxious to get her wobble back on.”

The Daily Mail is reporting that Tina Frost has been moved to John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore to continue her recovery. The certified accountant underwent surgery for three hours at a Las Vegas hospital after a bullet passed through her right eye and shattered her forehead and skull.

She was still conscious after she was struck in the head. She had to be put into a medically-induced coma before the surgery could go ahead.


Family friend Amy Klinger, speaking to People, said doctors were happy with the recovery of Tina, adding that it was nothing short of miracle as 90 percent of people shot in the head are not expected to survive.

“There is a 90 percent mortality rate with gunshots to the head, and she is a little bit of a medical miracle. Initially, the doctor was saying they were hoping to see progress in a year, and what she has been able to show us in two weeks is amazing.”

The GoFundMe page for Tina Frost was set up with an initial goal of $50,000 to cover her medical expenses. It has since raised over $564,000.

[Featured Image by John Locher/AP Images]