Google Music Scan-And-Match Feature Swapping Explicit Songs With Clean Ones

Google recently rolled out a new “scan-and-match” feature for its Google Music service that aims to offer a simple solution for getting your songs uploaded to the cloud, but the feature seems to have a few issues when it comes to songs with explicit lyrics.

How it works is simple enough: the feature scans your music library on a given device, and then uses that information to add songs to the cloud without you having to upload it.

According to a report from The Verge, however, the feature can’t seem to work out whether a song contains explicit lyrics or not. For some, Google Music’s scan-and-match feature “cleans up” their explicit songs. For others, the opposite happens.

Apple ran into a similar problem back in 2011 when it introduced iTunes’ Match feature.

Fortunately, there is a way to fix the problem – but you’ll have to do it one song at a time.

The Los Angeles Timesreports:

“You can do so by using the computer on which you installed the Music Manager software, which is what scans and matches your music. Go to your music library on Google Music and find the song that has been incorrectly tagged. Right click on it and choose ‘Fix incorrect match.’ That will tell the Music Manager software to simply upload the original version of your song and negate the incorrect match.”

As of writing, Google hasn’t said what exactly is causing the problem or when a fix will be rolled out.

Have you experienced any problems with Google Music’s scan-and-match feature?