‘Alaskan Bush People’: Noah Brown Confirms Engagement, Thanks Fiancée For Support Amid Mom Ami’s Cancer

The Alaskan Bush People family has been receiving a lot of love and prayers from their fans since revealing that their matriarch, Ami Brown, is battling advanced lung cancer. While there is no new update as to how Ami is currently doing after her chemotherapy sessions, Billy and Ami’s youngest son, Noah Brown, is speaking up to thank his biggest supporter: fiancée Rhain Alisha.

According to the Facebook page Alaskan Bush People Exposed, Noah recently gushed about his fiancée on his private social media account. In his post, the 24-year-old described Rhain as his “soulmate” and “angel.”

“Rhain Alisha has been so patient and [supportive] through everything that has been happening–mother’s cancer [and] having to leave Alaska,” Noah reportedly wrote.

“Rhain Alisha is everything I could have ever wanted. She is my soulmate, my angel, my dream girl.”

Alaskan Bush People’s Youngest Son Confirms Engagement

Noah Brown also revealed that Rhain is now living with him and that they are now engaged to be married. In a previous episode of Alaskan Bush People, the couple feared that their relationship would come to a halt when Rhain announced her plans of leaving the Alaskan wilderness to move back to her family’s home.

Rhain, whose real name is Ruth Alisha Merril, is a 26-year-old girl from Oregon. She first appeared on Alaskan Bush People Season 6 in January when Noah introduced her to his family. The two met in Hoonah, which the Browns frequently visit to conduct trades and other odd jobs.

Noah and Rhain quickly fell in love and within a few months, rumors swirled that the two were engaged. Photos of Rhain showing off her engagement ring soon surfaced. Noah’s latest post finally confirms the reports.

“All in all, I’ve been thinking of how thankful I am that she moved in with me instead of going back to Oregon and now we are engaged and planning our life together.”

Alaskan Bush People Updates

Since Alaskan Bush People Season 7 wrapped up in August, fans have seen several sightings of Noah with his lovely fiancée in Montana and Oregon. During the season finale, Noah told his family that he won’t be moving to Colorado as Billy Brown planned. Instead, he said he wanted to make his own path and work as a local sheriff. Billy and Ami happily wished their youngest son good luck.

Meanwhile, fans have reported that Ami Brown is now resting with her family after an exhausting round of chemotherapy. The family hopes to relocate to their new ranch in Colorado, but many fans think that they are still in California near Ami’s hospital.

Rain Brown, the youngest Brown sibling, is quite active on social media and often posts uplifting stories as a way of cheering herself up during this difficult time. The 14-year-old recently posted a throwback photo of her last day in Alaska and said that she hopes to return there someday.

There are strong speculations among ABP fans that the reality documentary will return to television with a new season. However, it is unclear when filming will resume due to Ami’s weak physical state.

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