‘The Walking Dead’ News: Andrew Lincoln Previews His Top Kill

The Walking Dead Season 8 is just around the corner on AMC and there is much to talk about. But Andrew Lincoln, he wanted to discuss something a little different that the rest when he sat down and spoke about the series. There are so many story lines that are going to emerge in Season 8 of The Walking Dead that many fans have not even attempted to piece together the spoilers.

In the past, spoilers for The Walking Dead have been a major issue. That ranges from fans flying drones over the production set to scripts and details being leaked on social media that have led to AMC threatening legal action. So what’s so important about The Walking Dead that Andrew Lincoln wants to discuss?

Well, for starters, he wasn’t interested in giving away any spoilers for Season 8 of The Walking Dead, but he did want to talk about his favorite kills, according to Entertainment Weekly. We’re not talking about human kills here either. Andrew Lincoln is happier about his zombie kills and the way they went down. Given there are so many of those to choose from on The Walking Dead, the sky is the limit as to which ones he could have picked. The farm, the hillside, Alexandria… take your pick.

In the end, questions like this always circle back around to the beginning. On The Walking Dead, Rick’s first kill was the “Bicycle Girl.” Many may remember her as the woman with half a torso dragging herself along in a park. He encountered her twice in that episode of The Walking Dead. The first time was when he was just learning about the zombie apocalypse and the second time was when he had adapted to the new world and came back for mercy.

“My favorite walker kill has to be always your first,” Andrew Lincoln told EW about The Walking Dead. “I saw this woman on the floor wearing a green unitard and I didn’t know quite what was happening. And they just explained that it was going to be digitized out. But it was also just the beauty of the makeup and all of those kinds of things and it was also the essence of the show. I’ve always said it was the human behind the monster and the monster behind the human, which is pretty much the essence of the show. So I had to put her down.”

He later detailed a kill on The Walking Dead with Daryl (Norman Reedus) that he referred to as “gut bag,” but it is hard to decipher which one of those he was referring to given there were so many. And of course he spoke about the “stone to the head” kill where he seemed to feel guilty about it – for the actor who took the blow on The Walking Dead.

Be sure to tune into AMC on October 22 for the Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead.

[Featured Image by AMC]