'Overwatch' VA Gaku Space Asks 'Which Genji Skin Is The Best?' On Instagram Poll

"Overwatch" voice actor Gaku Space is taking advantage of Instagram's newest feature to know which Genji Shimada skin is the best so far. The fan-favorite actor came up with his poll after Blizzard officially announced its upcoming Halloween Terror 2017 Event. Which cosmetic do you think topped the poll and bagged the "Best Genji Skin" title?

He needs answers

This Genji skin survey began as a simple social media engagement between Gaku Space and his fans. He initially asked his followers how they feel regarding the seasonal Halloween Terror event. Then came his first poll.

"Okay. I got a couple of requests. So let's put them [to] a vote." he wrote on his IG stories which included a poll fetching Nihon against Young Genji.

Nihon won this round and would battle with Oni for the second survey. Surprisingly, a huge number of excited "Overwatch" fans flocked to his IG page to cast their votes. Oni won again with 58 percent of the votes.

4-way battle

However, most of Gaku's followers requested for other popular Genji cosmetics to be featured. The poll maker gave way with the requests and included Sentai, Carbon Fiber, and Black Watch to the choices. CF and BW were up against each other. While Oni the previous winner was up against Legendary Sentai.

Genji portrait for Overwatch games.
[Image by Overwatch/Blizzard Games Press]

BW garnered 73 percent during the 24-hour poll while CF received 27 percent. On the other hand, Oni continued his winning streak defeating poll newcomer Sentai. Winners of this round automatically became the finalists of "Best Genji Skin" poll.

Final Round

For the last part of the poll, the "Overwatch" voice talent asked fans to choose which they think was the best Genji skin between Black Watch and Oni. Voters were given a day to choose and to cast their votes.

After the long wait, Gaku Space revealed Black Watch as the new winner ending Oni's winning streak on his fourth attempt. The over-all winner closed the poll accumulating 62 percent of the total votes.

"I'll ask again after the new skin [and] events came out," he added.

Do you agree that Black Watch is the best Genji skin ever? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Spooky Halloween

According to Gamespot, the recent leaks linked to the upcoming Halloween Terror 2017 hints what Blizzard has in store for the gamers. The report also noted the new skin cosmetics will only be distributed for a limited time.

[Featured Image by Gaku Space/Instagram]