Jimmy Fallon Explains Why His Late Night Show Hasn’t Joined The Anti-Donald Trump Bandwagon

Jimmy Fallon might be one of the few late-night hosts who has not jumped on what some believe to be the “anti-Donald Trump bandwagon.” In a new interview with the Today show on NBC, the host of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon explained his reasoning behind not turning the focus of his monologues and jokes towards the president.

According to Fox News, the reason that Fallon has avoided making too many jokes about Donald Trump is because his actions and words tend to be “too serious” to be turned into joke material. As the news organization reported, in the preview for his appearance on the show, Jimmy Fallon said that when it comes to the president, it seems as if it is a “new thing” every day. The late-night host explained that when it comes to Donald Trump, he often “gives a lot of material.”

Jimmy Fallon also said that for him, there are a lot of things that he finds “hard to even make a joke about” because he feels that these issues are simply too serious. While Fallon said that there are plenty of times when he chooses not to turn the president’s words and actions into material for his show, he did point out that in the past he has made jokes about former president Barack Obama and President Donald Trump on his program. The late-night host said that he has no problem making jokes about the president, and it is something he will do on occasion, but the reality is that “it’s just not what I do.”

Besides the fact that he does not really make political jokes, Jimmy Fallon said that he thinks it would probably be weird for him to start going after the president after all of this time. In fact, the late-night host shared that he does not “really even care that much about politics.”

Since almost the start of Donald Trump’s presidency, he has been the target of many of the late-night hosts and their monologues. Among the hosts who have turned towards the presidency for their material are Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers, and Jimmy Kimmel. When it comes to Jimmy Kimmel, seizing on the president has led to a spike in the ratings, whereas Jimmy Fallon has seen his show’s ratings fall. Fallon has seen his ratings fall over the course of the last year and he has even dropped from the number one spot among the late-night hosts.

Although the ratings might be down for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, when he was asked if he felt any pressure to try and focus more jokes on the president, Fallon did not seem worried. Instead, the late-night host said that he believes that the other hosts are doing a good job all on their own. He said that he thinks Stephen Colbert is doing a great job, especially since this is what he is already good at. When it comes to his own program, Jimmy Fallon said that he feels like “when it’s organic I’ll dip into it.”

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