Florida Man Shoots, Kills Mom’s Friend For Making A Move On His Imaginary Girlfriend

A Florida man reportedly shot and killed his mother’s male friend, and opened fire on two state deputies after first alleging that the deceased party made moves on a girlfriend who, according to cops, doesn’t actually exist.

Writers for the New York Daily News state that the shooter, 30-year-old Brian Desario, was mortally wounded by police during a gun battle on Thursday in the residential neighborhood of Port Richey.

During a press conference regarding the violent act, Sheriff Chris Nocco relayed that before their arrival, Desario made his way into the garage of his home where David Armstrong, 56, had been conversing with Desario’s mother and her boyfriend. There, the gunman confronted Armstrong and accused him of flirting with his non-existent girlfriend.

After the two exchanged words, the man pulled out a gun and shot and killed his mother’s friend, before returning into the home, only to reemerge to shoot Armstrong once again. Armstrong was pronounced dead shortly after, website Love B. Scott added.

“The suspect believed that the mom’s friend, who is the victim in this case, was trying to pick up Brian’s girlfriend and hit on Brian’s girlfriend,” Nocco said during the press conference to the media.

“Please note,” Sheriff Nocco continued, “[that] Brian does not have a girlfriend. In his mind he did. But, in reality he didn’t.”

man kills friend
A Florida man reportedly shot and killed his mother's friend after he flirted with his imaginary girlfriend. [Photo by Bliznetsov/iStock]

Nocco also expressed that Desario allegedly suffered from an undisclosed mental illness.

The New York Daily News goes on to state that after he shot Armstrong, Desario’s mother fled the home with her boyfriend and called the police.

Before they arrived, however, according to Nocco, “Desario walked out into the middle of the street and pointed a rifle towards Gulf Highlands Elementary School, which was about a block and a half away from the home.”


The school was immediately placed on lock down as a result of Desario’s actions.

Once police arrived on scene, the mentally ill man opened fire on the officers, which they returned, and a gun battle ensued. Desario was killed by the officers during the melee. Desario’s mother and her beau were said to have been shaken, but unharmed.

During a search of the home, it was discovered that Desario possessed what was noted as a “stockpile” of guns and ammunition. It is currently unclear just how the man who killed his mother’s friend came to own the weaponry, but an investigation into how he obtained them is said to be pending.

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