‘General Hospital’ Spoilers, Week Of October 16: Patient 6 Fights For His Life, Franco Suffers Nightmares

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for Monday, October 16, state that Jason (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) suspect that Franco (Roger Howarth) and Liz (Rebecca Herbst) are keeping a secret from them. Sam and Jason are wary of Franco and Liz because they fear they could be hiding information that threatens their plans for a stable future after Jason’s accident.

After Jason recovered from the nearly fatal gunshot wound he suffered during a mob altercation involving Sonny (Maurice Benard), he vowed to avoid all mob entanglements. He promised Sam to find safe and stable employment and stop risking his life with the mob.

Fans will recall that after he recovered from coma, Jason told Sonny that he plans to cut all ties with the mob and start a new life.

Sam Fears Franco Is Hiding A Secret

However, since Sam noticed that Franco and Liz appear to be keeping a secret from them, she has been nervous and uneasy. Has something new cropped up that could disrupt their plans for a safe future?

Fans will recall that during the Tuesday, October 10, episode of the daytime drama, Jason sensed something strange about Liz’s behavior. Liz had told Jason that she wanted to tell him something, but she backed off awkwardly at the last moment when she confronted Jason and Sam.

General Hospital spoilers state that Jason tries to allay Sam’s fears by promising to investigate and find out what Franco and Liz are hiding from them.

Franco Is Keeping Betsy’s Jason Morgan Twin Bombshell From Jason And Sam

Franco and Liz have been debating whether to share with Jason and Sam the information about Jason’s Twin, Drew, that Franco learned from his adoptive mother, Betsy (Deborah Strang).

Franco had kept the information from Liz but he eventually shared it after he concluded that a trust issue could arise between them if Liz discovers the truth herself and realizes that Franco has been keeping a secret from her.

After Franco shared Betsy’s information about Jason Morgan’s twin with Liz, she insisted that he would have to share it with Jason and Sam. However, Franco thought it was wiser not to tell Jason because it could unsettle their lives after they just recovered from a crisis and were trying to settle down to a stable life.

Franco reasoned that Jason’s twin was dead anyway so there was no need to bother him about it.

However, Franco does not realize that he could be setting Jason and Sam up for the shock of their lives. As viewers know, Betsy lied to Franco when she said Jason Morgan’s twin, Drew, had died of a heart condition. Viewers also know that Patient 6 (Steve Burton), who is likely Jason Morgan’s twin, has escaped from captivity in Russia and will appear in Port Charles during the week of October 16.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, October 19, tease that Patient 6 arrives in Port Charles and takes in his new surroundings.

Patient 6 Fights For His life

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, October 16, state that before Patient 6 arrives in Port Charles, he gets into a fight with a group of thugs. He overcomes them and forces one of them to make a phone call. He tries unsuccessfully to contact a loved one in Port Charles.

Franco Has Nightmares

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, October 16, state that Franco is plagued with nightmares. Although the details of his nightmares are not clear, it is likely that they are subconscious recollections of traumatic events from his childhood. The recollections could be linked with the time that Jason’s twin was taken away from him.

GH spoilers tease that a mysterious person appears to Jason in his nightmares. He asks for the person’s identity but gets no answer.

Franco Makes A Plea For Help

Spoilers for Tuesday, October 17, state that Franco’s frustrations mount as he experiences scary nightmares. Spoilers for Wednesday, October 18, state that he makes an appeal for help.

Michael Paranoia About Nelle Grows

After Michael (Chad Duell) discovers that Nelle (Chloe Lanier) had won swimming medals at high school, he confronts her and demands an explanation why she lied to the police that she is not a good swimmer.

Nelle admits that she won swimming medals at school, but insists that swimming in a calm pool is different from attempting to swim in rough sea. She said she was unable to save Zack due to the conditions at sea at the time.

Michael admits that Nelle’s explanation makes some sense. But he is confused by the contradictory facts and frustrated by his inability to sort the truth from the lies.

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