‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Creator Kurt Sutter Slams The ‘Hollywood Power Machine’ For Protecting Harvey Weinstein

The Harvey Weinstein sex scandal continues to cause chaos throughout Hollywood, and people in the industry are starting to speak out about the disgraced producer and the deplorable allegations that have been made against him.

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter wrote a piece for Deadline calling out the “Hollywood power machine” that protected Weinstein’s behavior for decades. He compares the current scandal to a bad movie with three predictable acts.

The first act includes acknowledgment of wrongdoing, and the second features the “corporation protecting its assets” by getting rid of the bad guy and assuring the public everything is fine.

For the third act, Sutter makes a prediction, “The predator slips away, licks his wounds, writes a redemption memoir, and in a year, maybe two, maybe less, he rises like a reformed Phoenix, with a new company, a new project, and a refined set of stealthier hunting tactics.”

He claims after the passing of time, people will forget, and the outrage that they once felt will feel exaggerated. Sutter goes on to say that he doesn’t have a solution to the problem, but he hopes people will start caring more about others than themselves, and that act itself would help find an answer.

Harvey Weinstein Jason Momoa

Fox News is reporting that other celebrities have spoken out on social media, including George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Ewan McGregor.

Some had accused Matt Damon of trying to squash a Weinstein story, but the actor denied it, claiming he knew nothing of the executive’s behavior, saying if he had ever witnessed it, he would have put a stop to it.

The same goes for Clooney, who said he has known Weinstein for years and never knew anything about the allegations. As for Affleck, he condemned the behavior and posted on social media that he was sickened by the unacceptable behavior, only to be accused of some gross behavior of his own.

DiCaprio posted on Facebook that there is no excuse for sexual assault or harassment, and McGregor tweeted that he had heard things for years, and it’s time Weinstein gets what is coming to him.

Hollywood without Weinstein will have short and long-term effects, including the possibility of more allegations against other big-time producers. Many are convinced that the abuse of power has finally come to an end, but others aren’t so sure.

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