Tesla Issues Yet Another Recall For The Model X, But It's Not All Bad News

With its rather complicated design and features, the Model X has given Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk a lot of headaches in the past. While most of its problems have already been addressed, another notable issue with the vehicle has emerged. In a recent statement, Tesla announced that it is recalling 11,000 Model X SUVs due to possible faults in the vehicles' second-row seats.

The Model X is equipped with seven seats, three of which are placed on the second row. As recently discovered by the upstart carmaker, however, some Model X units that were manufactured between October 28, 2016, and August 16, 2017, have issues with the cables of the EVs' second-row seats, according to an Engadget report. This fault, which is limited to units with fold-flat seats, causes the second-row seat on the driver's side to move forward during a crash.

Having second-row seats yanked forward during an accident increases the probability of injuries among Model X passengers. Fortunately, no accidents of this nature have been reported by Model X users so far. Tesla found the fault during internal tests and research of the vehicle.

The second-row seat problems affect very few Model X units, with Tesla suspecting that the issue probably affects only 3 percent of the midsize electric SUVs that have been sold to date. Despite the fact that there have been no untoward incidents and there are only a few of the EVs with the issue, Tesla is nonetheless issuing a massive recall for the Model X.

Fortunately for Model X owners, the issue with the second-row seats is quite easy to fix. According to the EV maker, the flaw could be fixed simply by adjusting the cables in the vehicle correctly. This fix would require no additional parts. Thus, Tesla estimates that its technicians could fix the problem for the recalled electric midsize SUVs in roughly 10 minutes, as stated in a CNET report.

While its recent Model X recall might seem like bad news for the upstart carmaker, many EV enthusiasts appreciated the company's proactiveness in addressing the vehicle's issues. After all, voluntary recalls such as this all but assert the idea that Tesla is dead serious about becoming one of the most reliable carmakers in the country.

[Featured Image by Tesla]