Kylie Jenner Fears Pregnancy Weight Gain: Kris Jenner Monitoring ‘KUWTK’ Star’s Eating Habits?

Kylie Jenner’s biggest concern since finding out that she is pregnant is that she will end up struggling to lose the weight after giving birth, which is why Kris Jenner is now said to have intervened, according to a new report.

The manager was stunned to hear about Kylie Jenner’s concerns about getting back in shape after giving birth in February; her main concern is that her daughter welcomes a healthy child into the world.

It’s insinuated that Kris was rather angry about Kylie Jenner’s way of thinking, which seems to have been that if she eats less food, she won’t be having a hard time to look her best right after birthing her baby.

Kylie Jenner’s mom has now taken action and reportedly hired a personal chef, a pregnancy coach, and a nutritionist, who are all working together to provide the 20-year-old with nothing but the best meals and fitness plans, according to Radar Online.

It’s clear that Kylie wants to remain healthy and have a small amount of weight to lose after her pregnancy, but realistically speaking, that’s not always the case — especially when the well-being of the baby should come first.

Kris has really put her foot down on this matter, with the insider adding that the momager won’t even let Kylie Jenner out of her eyesight when it comes to eating her meals.

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She wants to make sure that her daughter and her baby are both getting the right kinds of nutrients to their body, having stressed that looking good for social media should be the last thing for the reality star to be worrying about right now.

After all, she’s going to be a mother in just five months time, so her priorities should change to prepare for motherhood and family.

A source continues by adding that Kylie Jenner has slowly adjusted to the new meal plan, which includes lots of carbohydrates and protein.

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Kylie is said to be loving pasta and smoothies right now. That has become her go-to when she’s craving something in the middle of the day, so it seems her mother’s input is definitely helping.

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