Nelly’s Rape Accuser Drops Charges Due To Media and Law Enforcement Handling Of The Case

Rapper Nelly was accused of raping a 21-year-old woman on his tour bus just five days ago, but his anonymous accuser has decided she will be dropping the charges against him. The woman wrote an emotional letter, saying that she cannot handle the situation and fears that she will break due to the way the public has commented on the situation since it arose.

Her lawyer, Karen Koheler, wrote a letter about why her client has ultimately decided that dropping the charges is in her best interests emotionally. The full letter can be read on TMZ‘s website.

According to the woman’s lawyer, she was extremely upset by the way law enforcement handled the situation. She was supposed to have reported the incident and then had a rape kit, and would be free to return home. However, she claims that before her “tears had even dried,” it was already all over the internet that a woman had claimed Nelly raped her.

The letter goes on to state that she often cries hysterically alone in her apartment, especially because Nelly and his lawyers have stated that the incident never occurred, claiming the accusation was motivated solely by greed. She insists this is not the case and is having trouble emotionally processing what happened.

The young woman was even put on blast by Wendy Williams, who has since apologized for her words, who stated that the accuser should have known better than to get on a tour bus because “that’s what happens” on them.

Koehler, the young woman’s lawyer, has stated that the young woman feels that no one will believe her and that the media has already said such horrible things about her, adding that she feels she will “break” under the pressure.

The young woman told her lawyer that all she wants to do now is emotionally recover from her trauma and to go back to school and graduate.

Nelly and his lawyer, however, claim that the rapper is the “true victim” and that the woman’s words were all a “complete fabrication” and motivated by “money and greed.”

It may still be possible to press charges against Nelly, but it will be extremely difficult if the woman does not want to testify or participate.

[Featured Image by Brad Barket/Getty Images]