California Fire Horror For Family Found In Driveway: Son Dead, Sister’s Legs Amputated, Parents Badly Burned

The California fires have caused some horrific pain and suffering to people as these fires came fast and furious, leaving residents very little time to evacuate. One family of four did everything that they could to get out of the path of the flames, but they didn’t make it out in time to escape harm. Three are still alive, but badly burned.

The three survivors were burned over a great percentage of their bodies. The only child to survive is the teenage daughter, and she had both of her legs amputated from the knees down after the fire burned her legs beyond saving, according to the Sacramento Bee.

This family’s story is heart-wrenching, and it is hard to fathom the pain and suffering that they endured, and the long journey facing the three surviving family members. According to the Sacramento Bee, Jon, 45, and Sara Shepherd, 40, tried to flee their Redwood Valley home with their two teenaged children, Kressa Jean, 17, and Kai Logan, 14.

Sara’s sister, Mindi Ramos, said in an online post that her sister and her family had notified her they were leaving their home due to the looming fire. That was at 1 a.m. on Monday when they were making their way out of their home and fleeing to an area that was safe from the fire.

The family didn’t make it out of the driveway, and when they were found, there was evidence that they were attempting to flee. Kai Logan was found dead in the driveway of the family’s home. His mother was a short distance away from him, as was his sister, who was also in the driveway.

The mom and daughter were semi-conscious and badly burned. Seventeen-year-old Kressa Jean was so badly burned that she underwent emergency surgery to have both legs amputated from her knees. Jon was also badly burned, and they don’t know how he got to the hospital.

Ramos wrote on a fundraising page that they know the family tried to flee in the car, but it caught fire. They then tried to escape on foot, but never made it out of the driveway where they all fell victim to the fire’s intensity. According to the Daily Mail, all three family members are heavily sedated in three separate area hospitals. Because of their conditions, they might not know their teenage son and brother has died.

Ramos wrote about her nephew who died, Kai Logan.

“Our sweet boy…our brave, strong, talented boy…Kai Logan Shepherd, 14 years old, had already succumbed to the fire when he was found on the driveway. We are utterly devastated.”

She continued on about her family.

“Sara and Kressa were found on the driveway badly burned and disoriented and brought to safety. We don’t know how Jon got to the hospital or how he was found.” The mother and daughter both sustained burns over 60 percent of their bodies. Jon’s burns covered 45 percent of his body. According to the funding page, Kressa Shepherd had surgery on Thursday, where both her legs were amputated below the knee.

California Fires Raging in Neighborhood
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A Generosity funding page set up for the family has raised more than $85,000 by Friday afternoon. This is to help with the medical costs for this family.

“While this is another tragic turn, we are grateful her life was spared. If anyone can thrive after a tragedy like this, it’s Kressa Jean. Keep praying,” Ramos said.

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