WWE News: Rey Mysterio Tweets Thoughts On Kalisto Main Eventing ‘Monday Night Raw’

When Kalisto won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship from Enzo Amore in the main event of last week’s Monday Night Raw episode, there were a lot of rumors about why it happened at that time. One rumor indicated that Neville walked out and asked for his release, which canceled his participation in the match. Another rumor was that the WWE wanted Kalisto to win to honor Eddie Guerrero as the win happened on the late Mexican star’s birthday. Kalisto thanked both Eddie and Rey Mysterio Jr. after the match for their inspiration.

Rey Mysterio Congratulates Kalisto On WWE Win

After Kalisto posted his thanks to Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio on Twitter, Mysterio responded to Kalisto. Interestingly, the WWE website reported on Rey and his Twitter response, which is rare for the company since he is no longer with the WWE. The report came in a video response by Cathy Kelley and was posted on the WWE website.

According to Kelley, Rey Mysterio was one of the people who congratulated Kalisto and the WWE then showed the tweet by the former WWE world champion. In the tweet, Rey Mysterio said it was a great “B-Day present for Eddie.” Rey also said that they “killed it” and reminded fans that Kalisto made history.

This was the first time that the cruiserweights actually wrestled a match in the main event of Monday Night Raw. In this history-making match, Kalisto won.

Could Rey Mysterio Return To The WWE?

It isn’t a surprise to see Rey Mysterio congratulate Kalisto on the big win. If anything, Kalisto is filling the role that Rey once held in the WWE. After making his name in the indies under the name Samuray del Sol, Kalisto came up through NXT and has already had success on the main roster.

He held the NXT tag team titles with Sin Cara as The Lucha Dragons and has also held the United States Championship twice. Kalisto continued to wrestle with the big boys even after the cruiserweights got their own show on 205 Live.

However, Kalisto had been treading water for a while and the move to 205 Live was a big one because he can finally wrestle with guys who can keep up with him in the ring. While Enzo Amore is not one of those people, dreaming of matches against Rich Swann and TJP is something WWE fans can start now that he is in NXT.

However, could WWE fans also dream of a Rey Mysterio WWE return? Mysterio was rumored to be signing with Impact Wrestling after his deal with Lucha Underground came to an end, but Impact Wrestling said that the deal is not happening right now.

Cathy Kelley called Rey Mysterio a “legendary Luchadore” in the video, and if Rey comes back to the WWE, he could be a huge star in 205 Live and really bring some eyes to that struggling WWE Network show.

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