Jeremiah Raber Releases Photos On Facebook Alleging Carmela Trashed Their Home And Got Physical With Him

Jeremiah Raber has decided to let it all out regarding his marriage to Carmela. It seems things have gone downhill for the couple over the last few days. Their relationship has been front and center for the last several months. Raber has been accused of domestic violence by his wife, but they had reconciled after the initial claims were made earlier this year. After that, things have gotten increasingly tumultuous between the two.

Yesterday, the Inquisitr reported that Jeremiah Raber and Carmela split again. She allegedly took off with their car and the $15,000 the two received for the land they recently sold. Raber took to Facebook to tell the world about the injustice he’d experienced. The two were supposed to take a road trip together, and when Jeremiah went in to pay a bill, Carmela took off. Aside from the money that was reportedly half his, she took his clothing and an expensive camera as well.

More information has been posted by Jeremiah Raber on his public Facebook page today. He is now alleging that Carmela has been physical with him. The photos have been made public so that anyone can see them, even if they aren’t friends with him on Facebook. Also, there have been several status updates made, some of them stating that Raber’s wife may have a drug issue. Jeremiah has accused her of stealing pills from him, however, there has been no legal actions taken.

As the rest of this unfolds, Jeremiah Raber is making sure to let the world know all about what Carmela has allegedly done. The two have bickered back and forth on Facebook in the past, but now, she has been silent. It is unclear whether this will be another fight that blows over after the epic drama it caused subsides, or if their marriage will be over for good this time.

Fans who have watched Return to Amish aren’t shocked at how this is playing out. Jeremiah Raber and his anger have been present since Breaking Amish. Alcohol has also played a role in their marital issues as well. Carmela and Jeremiah are a volatile pair, and their marriage has been on full display for the world to watch as it falls apart.

[Featured Image by Jeremiah Raber/Twitter]