Tina Fey Rocks SNL as Gov. Sarah Palin

I had been waiting anxiously for Tina Fey’s interpretation of Gov. Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live. Yay! It was so worth it. SNLnailed it again: willy-nilly question answering, build-em-up-tear-em-down commentary, and, of course, the shout-out. They even threw in a talent portion for good measure.

Tina Fey might want to stop playing Sarah Palin on November 5th, but she’s not going away quite yet. In fact, Saturday Night Live will be heading to primetime for an additional three weeks of live, 30-minute shows on Thursdays.

If you want to enjoy the full SNL clip experience, I suggest you head over to watch the clip and read all comments: the crazy, the sensible, and the in-between. It’s a good palate cleanser after all the mavrick-y goodness.