Oliver Stone Accused Of Groping ‘Playboy’ Model Following Controversial Harvey Weinstein ‘Defense’

Just as he retracted remarks that many felt were in defense of embattled movie executive Harvey Weinstein, Oliver Stone faced allegations from Carrie Stevens, a former Playboy Playmate who claims the famed director groped her at a party more than two decades ago.

Speaking to the New York Daily News on Thursday, Stevens, 48, related that the incident took place at a party at producer Ted Field’s home in the 1990s, when she was 22-years-old. She recalled that Stone had approached her, appearing “cocky” and wearing a “big grin on his face like he was going to get away with something.”

After making his approach, Stone allegedly reached for Stevens’ breast and “honked it like a horn.” The ex-Playboy model, who had also appeared in bit parts as an actress, added that there were several people who might have witnessed what happened, but no one said or did anything.

“That’s what’s going on in Hollywood. That’s why things have to change,” Stevens told the New York Daily News.

“He’s Oliver Stone. Nobody’s going to say anything. He walked up like he was entitled to grab anything he wanted. He did it because he wanted to.”

The reports of the alleged Oliver Stone/Carrie Stevens incident came just as the Platoon director was dealing with the fallout from recent comments he made about Harvey Weinstein and the sexual harassment allegations that have been made against him. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Stone addressed reporters at the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea, comparing Weinstein to someone being “condemned by a vigilante system,” and empathizing with his current situation. Stone added that he’s not the type to comment on gossip, preferring to take a wait-and-see attitude to the allegations.

Reacting to the Hollywood Reporter’s quotes from Oliver Stone, Carrie Stevens tweeted the publication, recalling the same alleged incident at Ted Field’s party, and commenting that Stone and Weinstein are “two of a kind.”

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Additionally, People quoted a Facebook post from Stevens, where she said that people like Oliver Stone and Harvey Weinstein should not be treated like they are above the law because of their celebrity status. She added that it’s “common decency” not to grab a woman’s breasts or parts of people’s bodies in general.

While Oliver Stone has yet to comment on Carrie Stevens’ allegations, People added that the director issued a statement on Facebook earlier this morning, where he walked back his earlier remarks and commended the women allegedly abused by Harvey Weinstein for speaking up. Stone also confirmed that he will not be working on the Guantanamo television series as long as The Weinstein Company is involved with the show.

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