Bethenny Frankel Slammed For Unnecessary Comments During Hurricane Relief Work

Bethenny Frankel has put many of her personal business ventures on hold these days, as she has found a much bigger mission. Frankel wanted to assist in the Hurricane Relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. Shortly after Hurricane Irma hit Florida, a massive hurricane wiped out most of Puerto Rico. While efforts were made in the United States to help Florida and Texas, not much was being done in Puerto Rico. Frankel decided to push forward and get as much help to this area as possible. She has managed to get many companies and celebrities to help out, including millionaires who could donate private planes for the purpose.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now being slammed for speaking out over Carmelo Anthony’s tweet. Anthony, who plays in the NBA, decided to get involved in the hurricane relief efforts and donated a plane that could be stocked with supplies. It was Frankel’s BStrong team that filled the plane up with supplies, but he pointed to another foundation in his tweet. Bethenny simply wanted to point out that he was wrong in his tweet, but fans thought she was being rude. Many pointed out that help was good, no matter where it came from.

“Fyi Carmelo Anthony respectfully, it’s my team #BStrong #wedobetter #globalempowermentmission filled your 767 donated plane today #weshowup,” Bethenny Frankel revealed in response to his tweet, sharing that she just wanted to make sure that people got the proper recognition.

But it sounds like her followers thought that she was being a bit snarky in her tweet. While she just wanted to clarify what he meant with his comment, people thought she was trying to tell him that his tweet wasn’t good enough. As some people pointed out, the important thing is that help is being distributed and is coming to the people of Puerto Rico.

“Wow. Was that really necessary? Can’t you both help?” one person wrote to Bethenny, while others added, “That was petty and not needed. Everyone knows the great work you are doing, but that was not nice or necessary” and “that was rude and uncalled for. Just because you preface it with ‘respectfully,’ doesn’t make it respectful. She’s doing it too.”

But when people came to Frankel’s defense, she tweeted, “Exactly. He donated a MAJOR plane & should be thanked & may not know the people who filled it.”

Everything that Bethenny has done with Hurricane Mario relief has been voluntary. She has even revealed that she had spent her own money on sending supplies to the people of Puerto Rico. But one person can’t save the island, so she had recruited many other celebrities and people with big wallets to help ship the supplies to the people in need. On a daily basis, she gets emails from people who need medical supplies. One of the biggest issues is life-saving medical supplies and generators to keep people alive. As of this writing, Frankel hasn’t made a decision as to when she will stop providing supplies.

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel’s efforts to save Puerto Rico? Are you surprised that people are saying that she’s doing more for the people of the island than the president himself?

[Featured Image by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images]