'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Freddie Smith On Will Horton Mystery, 'Truth Might Be Just Under Their Noses'

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal the search is on for Will Horton (Chandler Massey). Nobody is certain if he is alive or dead, but the Salemites are determined to find out. This includes Sonny Kiriakis, who was married to him. In an interview, actor Freddie Smith discussed the storyline. He teased that the truth might be just under their noses.

DOOL spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what is coming up on the NBC soap opera.

In the latest issue of CBS Soaps In Depth, a bonus Days of Our Lives section had an interesting interview with Freddie Smith. Everyone wants to know if Will Horton is dead or alive. If the Salemites find the character, how will this affect Sonny and Paul Narita (Christopher Sean?)

Smith explained that the situation brings a lot of emotions that can't be described in words. If he is alive, then they could have a second chance. However, in the two years since Will's death, Sonny has moved on with Paul. It could turn into a complicated situation. Despite the insecurities that Paul is feeling, he is standing by Sonny and is supportive of his search.

"Sonny wants to be fair to himself and to Paul and Paul being the most understanding, amazing person ever, agreed, saying, 'Hey, I won't feel comfortable being married [to you] if you haven't fully closed that chapter.'"

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that unlike other mysteries, the search for Will won't end up with a lot of dead ends. It seems that they start off on the right track and continue in the right direction. In fact, Freddie Smith hinted that the truth could be right under their noses. Even so, don't expect a quick and simple resolution.

"But there are obstacles they have to go through for certain things that they're trying to do."

There will be a lot of questions if and when Will Horton is found. Did he stay away from Salem on his own, or has someone been holding him hostage? With so much time that has passed, Sonny has changed. It is only safe to assume that Will has also gone through his own changes. How will the two deal with that? Then, there is the biggest question of all: How will the missing Salemite feel finding out that Sonny and Paul ended up together? Smith could only say that somebody is going to get hurt.

What do you think of what Freddie Smith revealed about the search for Will Horton on Days of Our Lives?

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