12 Tons Of Hashish Seized By Spanish Police

Madrid, Spain – Approximately 12 tons of hashish has been confiscated by Spanish police during a recent drug smuggling bust. Authorities said over 35 people were arrested during the operation.

According to The Associated Press, the drug ring was one of the biggest suppliers of hashish to the European market. Police said the drugs were being smuggled inside suitcases and fuel tanks outfitted to hide the contraband. Some of the hashish was also packaged to look like bars of soap.

The smugglers reportedly used GPS tracking devices to keep their eyes on the hashish supply.

Police have refused to put a monetary value on the 12 tons of hashish seized during the operation. However, National Police chief Ignacio Cosido said the amount confiscated during the sting was “very profitable.”

PressTV reports that authorities believe the hashish bust will put the squeeze on the flow of illegal drugs into parts of Europe.

“The dismantled organization controlled the entire chain of trafficking, from production to packing, as well as transport to Spain, storage, and distribution throughout Europe, especially in France, Belgium, England and the Netherlands,” Spanish police said in a statement on the bust.

Among the people arrested were “31 Moroccan nationals, three Spaniards, and a Belgian woman.”

The recent operation is just one of over a dozen similar stings that have taken place within Spain over this year. In the past eight months, authorities said they has confiscated “50,000 euros in cash, 14 vehicles valued at 400,000 euros, and 109 cell phones” used in the drug smuggling ring.

According to BBC News, the 12 tons of hashish were found inside a series of warehouses located in the province of Toledo. Sources said they believe the drugs were transported into Madrid from Morocco.

As of this writing, police haven’t confirmed where the drugs were originating. The official statement by Spanish police said the 12 tons of hashish came from “North Africa.”