Poison Gas In Syria Claims Doubted By Israel And US [Video]

Claims of poison gas in Syria being used by the Assad regime are being called into doubt by officials in both Israel and the United States. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Syrian rebels are claiming that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons, specifically the paralytic Agent 15, in his attacks on government opposition. Doctors working in the battle fields are saying that laboratory tests have not been run but that symptoms exhibited by victims are consistent with a chemical weapons attack.

Israeli Vice Premier Moshe Ya’alon has publicly announced his doubts of the Syrian rebels’ claims of the regime using poison gas in Syria. According to Reuters, Ya-alon said there was no definitive proof or evidence for the allegation:

“We have seen reports from the opposition. It is not the first time. The opposition has an interest in drawing in international military intervention. As things stand now, we do not have any confirmation or proof that (chemical weapons) have already been used, but we are definitely following events with concern.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights gathered accounts of what they claim was a poison gas attack in the city of Homs. They produced pictures purporting to show patients being treated by doctors for possible gas poisoning. According to Reuters, Ya’alon says this evidence is not enough to be certain of anything:

“I’m not sure that what we’re seeing in the photos is the result of the use of chemical weapons. It could be other things.”

United States officials also doubt the veracity of the claims of poison gas in Syria. According to Wired magazine the stories and videos being presented as evidence “just doesn’t jibe with chemical weapons.” The US officials point out the inconsistencies in the reports:

“U.S. officials note that several things about the video are inconsistent with a sarin strike. There are complaints of strong smells; sarin is odorless. There are reports that the victims inhaled large amounts of the chemical; a minuscule of amount of inhaled sarin can be fatal.”

Poison gas in Syria has been called “political suicide” by Sergei Lavrov, foreign minister of Russian and an Assad ally. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promises that usage of chemical weapons “would cross a red line and those responsible would be held to account.”

The video below allegedly shows a victim of one of the attacks. Do you think that the Assad regime is using poison gas in Syria?