Matt & Amy Roloff’s Farmhand Reportedly Fell Through Attraction Area For Pumpkin Patch Guests On Roloff Farms

A farmhand for Little People, Big World stars Matt and Amy Roloff allegedly fell through an attraction area this past weekend that’s meant for guests of the Roloff Farms pumpkin patch activities. Radar Online exclusively reported that a man fell through a weak platform on Matt and Amy’s property, located in Helvetia, Oregon. The 2017 pumpkin season on Roloff Farms officially opened to the public on Saturday, September 30, but the pumpkin patch was reportedly packed this past weekend, despite reports that Matt and Amy Roloff are “not ready for any guests.”

The sprawling 36-acre Roloff Farms is open to the public every October during the family’s much-anticipated pumpkin patch season, and Radar Online reportedly sent an “insider” to take a tour this past weekend. According to Radar Online, their insider followed a tour of Roloff Farms, the pumpkin patch, and all of the farm’s attractions led by Audrey Roloff’s mom, Cendi Botti. During the tour, Radar’s insider allegedly witnessed a farmhand for Matt and Amy Roloff fall through a “rotting” wooden platform in an attraction area that’s meant for guests.

Unknown is whether the farmhand was actually injured during his fall through an area of the “Ghost Town” attraction, but the insider reportedly said that the “overweight” farm worker “fell through up to his calf area,” causing everyone else on the tour to gasp.

“Then he huffed and puffed and pulled his leg out and went over to Cendi,” quoting the insider for Radar Online.

A photo of the farmhand in question can be viewed here standing with Audrey’s mom, and a photo of where he allegedly fell through can be viewed here. Radar Online’s exclusive report goes on to question whether Matt and Amy Roloff were ready for guests on Roloff Farms this past weekend, basically saying that any of the farm guests could have fallen through the “wood platform.” However, this isn’t the first time Radar Online has exclusively reported an injury on Roloff Farms, which is often featured on the long-running TLC reality TV series, Little People, Big World.

Back in 2015, Radar Online reported that a resident of Washington state suffered a “serious injury” from a fall on a group tour of Roloff Farms in 2009, resulting in a lawsuit against Matt and Amy Roloff. The case was dismissed by an Oregon court in 2013, but the plaintiff stated her leg injury and “$100,000 in medical bills” were caused by negligence on the part of Matt and Amy Roloff for not installing guard rails around the open sides of a picnic pavilion.

The Hollywood Gossip shared on October 2, that the Roloff family’s “famous farm in Oregon” is “open for business once again” for people who want to visit the pumpkin patch and “several unique structures” that were originally built for the four Roloff children as a “utopian playland,” according to the Roloff Farms website. Although, Radar Online suggested that this pumpkin season didn’t “get off to a good start,” guests who visited Roloff Farms this past weekend for the 2017 pumpkin season said they “had the best day.”

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Roloff Farms is open to the public every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through October 29, and Radar Online noted that, despite Matt and Amy Roloff’s recent divorce, Roloff Farms is still a “major tourist destination during pumpkin season.”

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