WWE Rumors: The Rock Vs. Tyrese In A WWE Match? Odds Released For Fights

A recent war of words between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Tyrese Gibson could lead to a real-life fight. The two are in an apparent feud over the Fast & Furious 9 movie and a spin-off that The Rock is making. It has led to Tyrese calling out Rock on social media. The possibilities of a fight between the two are strong enough that at least one sportsbook is suggesting several situations in which these two could grapple to settle their differences. Three choices are being suggested as far as which sort of fight these two might participate in. Here are the latest details on the possibility that Tyrese and The Rock step into a wrestling ring, or another ring, to go one-on-one.

As reported by WWE Leaks on Thursday, there were three markets published for the betting odds for “Which Sport Will The Rock Fight Tyrese Gibson In?” The mixed martial arts choice is at the bottom of the odds with 20 to 1 or +2,000 odds for it to happen. This makes sense based on the fact neither of these stars is an MMA fighter. Next on the list is boxing at 10 to 1 odds or +1000. Neither The Rock nor Tyrese are boxers but sometimes these crazy sorts of celebrity bouts go over big with fans on pay-per-view. It would be tough to follow up Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather right now, though.

Odds for The Rock to hit the WWE ring for a match against Tyrese have been released. [Image by WWE]

The choice being given the best odds of them all goes to a WWE match. Odds are at 4 to 1 or +400 that a wrestling match will happen between Rock and Tyrese. Keep in mind that all of these odds are “plus” numbers meaning that they are considered somewhat longshots to happen. However, the WWE odds are considered closest to a possibility of happening. A bettor who placed $100 on this option would win $400 if a match actually happened between these supposedly feuding movie stars.

If this feud talked about on TMZ is really just a publicity stunt, the two could very well enlist the help of Vince McMahon and WWE to get something going in the wrestling ring. The Rock is no stranger to showing up to his former employer for surprise appearances or big events like WrestleMania. He previously appeared at a WrestleMania pay-per-view several years ago with Ronda Rousey, another Fast & Furious co-star. Rock brought Rousey into the ring, where she proceeded to manhandle Triple H and his wife, Stephanie McMahon, to get them to leave The Rock alone. Now there’s talk of Rousey actually fighting in a WWE match.

The Rock and ronda rousey did a wrestlemania segment together
The Rock got in the ring with another Fast & Furious star at WWE's Wrestlemania, but she was on his side. [Image by WWE]

In addition to all those betting options listed, it’s also worth noting that in all three of the chosen “fight sports,” The Rock has been given odds as the favorite to win. Paddy Power lists “The Great One” as a 1 to 7 favorite (-700) to win a wrestling match, a 1 to 12 favorite in boxing, and a 1 to 25 favorite in MMA (-2500). Basically, the odds suggest it’s a bad idea to pick a fight with The Rock. Any fight for that matter.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]