‘Little People, Big World’ Star Matt Roloff Getting Married? Source Calls Caryn A ‘Potential Stepmother’

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff hinted that he and girlfriend Caryn Chandler might be getting married, referring to his girlfriend as a “potential stepmother,” In Touch Weekly is reporting.

Matt, Caryn, and the rest of the extended circle of Roloff friends and family headed to Roloff Farms recently to help out with the pumpkin patch. Roloff Farms is particularly busy this time of year, what with the beautiful fall colors, the cool weather, and the pumpkins ready to harvest and sell. Visitors from far and wide descend upon the farm, and that means extra help is needed — even if that means putting a divorced couple within a few feet of each other and making them work together.

Fortunately, Caryn knew just what needed to be done – she managed the farm for years, back when Matt and Amy were still married to each other. And according to reports, she was basically “running the show.”

During rare moments of downtime, Caryn buddied up to 27-year-old Jeremy, according to an inside source. In fact, the two got along so well that the source referred to Caryn as a “potential stepmother” to Jeremy and his siblings, Zach, Jeremy, and Molly.

“Jeremy seemed like he was getting along with his potential stepmother Caryn.”

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That’s surprising to In Touch Weekly, which notes that Jeremy is a devout Christian, married to a woman whose beliefs don’t allow much tolerance for divorce.

What’s more, Jeremy and Caryn’s friendship didn’t sit well with his mother, Amy Roloff.

“But the more Jeremy got along with Caryn, the angrier Amy got!”

If there is tension between Amy and her son and daughter-in-law, however, they’re doing a fair job of keeping it under wraps. The couple attended Amy’s solar eclipse party in August (the path of the eclipse included the part of Oregon where the Roloffs live), and Amy has been nothing but gushing in talking about her granddaughter, Ember Jean.

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If Caryn Chandler does wind up being a stepmother to Matt and Amy Roloff’s kids, she’ll have an ever-expanding family to watch over. Potential stepdaughter Molly Roloff just got married a few months ago, and potential stepson Jeremy is in a relationship with Isabel Rock. As of this writing, there is no word on whether either of those couples are planning to have children, but if they do, Cary will be a step-grandma to even more kids!

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