Javi Marroquin Caught Kissing Kailyn Lowry: Are They Fueling Rumors About Romance For Ratings?

Javi Marroquin decided it was a good idea to film Marriage Boot Camp with his ex-wife, as they needed to work on a co-parenting plan and possible custody situation. Marroquin felt he had received the short end of the stick in his marriage, as he learned he was getting a divorce when she had already made up her mind. Marroquin didn’t have a chance to save his marriage or make arrangements for him to care for his son, Lincoln. But while the two argued while filming the show, it sounds like they are getting along just fine these days.

According to photos taken last night at the Marriage Boot Camp premiere party, Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry were spotted having a moment. In the photo, which is the main photo for this article, Javi is seen planting a kiss on Kailyn’s cheek. Several other websites also took notice of the kiss that appeared to be more than just a friendly gesture. On Marriage Boot Camp, Kailyn and Javi fight immediately after entering the house. They clearly have some issues, as Javi tells the group that she cheated on him after filing for divorce — but before telling him about the divorce decision.

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Kailyn just gave birth to another man’s baby a few months ago, so Javi may not be eager to get back together with his ex-wife. She may have some baggage that she needs to sort out with Chris Lopez before starting another relationship. In addition, he is releasing a tell-all book about their marriage, where he may say some things about his ex-wife that may be anything but nice.

However, the two did seem to be happy with one another during the event. When Javi Marroquin reached out for a kiss, she didn’t appear to be refusing or unhappy with it. Instead, they looked like a couple in love. At this point, fans may be wondering if these two are faking their happiness for the sake of ratings, as Kailyn and Javi didn’t get along on Teen Mom 2. Maybe they have worked on their issues and their flirtatious behavior has nothing to do with the ratings for Marriage Boot Camp.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin kissing his ex-wife during the Marriage Boot Camp premiere party last night?

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